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Grandpa Greenman

Apocalypse Scenarios

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Grandpa Greenman

Oh joy, they have hit again. I hate it when they hang stuff on my door with all this end of the world news. What really bothers me is they have this idea all will end in war and disaster, then we end up with Jesus as king. Hello, this is my planet too, don't I get a say in all this. Sure someday, one way or another, the time of man will come to a close. All things end, that is the nature of time.

The idea of installing a world king no matter who doesn't sound like such a good idea. That could turn out bad for a lot of people and in democracy it smacks of treason. I think this out dated end of the world thinking is holding us back from what we can really do to make the world a better place for all beings. To me it is a waste of time, effort and trees (paper). What do y'all think?

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I wish those who think the end is near would hurry up and end it.

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