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Us and Them

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This is a strange, "true" incident that happened to me,... Its not the "greatest" story, in fact I bring it up only because...There's "a point" to make.... (I think)....The difference between...."Us and Them"..... Here goes...

I'm a tour bus driver by trade. About 3 years ago I dropped off some passengers, called my wife to tell her I'm on my way home, (talking and driving)......As I'm turning out of the parking lot to leave that evening, I almost dropped the phone... This is what I saw... About a foot out from the bus windshield is "half the face of a pretty, "demonic looking" woman". Not very detailed, looked more like a good drawing. White face, red lips, and one sick looking eye. The half-face lay still like a picture....

My first thought was... "It is a picture" making the reflection from inside the bus...... NOT!! No magazines, or anything I could see was responsible for what was staring at me. I fixated on the image and the road as I drove back to the bus yard. All I kept thinking to myself was..... When I get back to the

Bus yard....""I have to show someone""....just to see "if they see" what I am seeing. The image didn't fail me, it stayed in place the whole 20 minutes back. I pulled up to the dispatch office. In the window was the dispatcher, and my friend, a driver named "Vinnie", (with his Baseball cap on, as usual)...big sports fan.... I honk the horn, and wave him over to the bus. He gets in... I point ""her"" out to him. He sees it right away!!! And goes through the motions as I did, looking for something that could be making the reflection. Just as I,.." he sees nothing responsible for the image. He says WOW!!!....,,,, ((,Now the clincher, get ready......)). .. Vinnie says to me....Hey!!, Did you see that Met game last night?


I'm ready to drive the bus straight to RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT! (Figuratively speaking), and Vinnie forgot about it!!! So........

I parked the bus, walked to my car scratching my head, pondering about life.

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C'mon! No picture?

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