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please stand by...

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an den?

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let me define my terms

a dimension has at least these three qualitys

< ---3---2---1---0---1---2---3--->

infinite quality , finite quality , base

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the infinite quality is the finite quality multiplied by infinity

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that is to say.... location muliplied by the infinite is the infinite quality of infinite space

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or.... a moment , mulitplied by the infinite... is eternity

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the base of infinite space is how you measure space....

the signature of a base is that it does not change the finite quality

it does not chnge a bowling ball if you measure it in meters or feet , miles or inches... what ever base that is used ... its size has not changed

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the base of eternity is time

the event is not changed by measuing it in hours or seconds , days or years....

the moment is not effected by the base that is used

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you have questions , i have answers .. so lets begin

are there big foot? , are there ufo's? , what is the meaning of life? , all pretty easy questions .

the answers are all around you , you just need a few answers your not asking for ,

then the follow up questions are the intresting ones .

lets start out with a few simple rules .

don't ask for what happen'd yesterday , lottery numbers , or how will i die questions .

i get so sick of those ... then , i get to ask a question , if you get an answer that is close to satisfactory .

if you ask , how do i know your answer is any better than some one else ?

you don't , frankly , that is the problem we ( you and i will always have ) need to avoid trying to resolve . since you ask'd a question , its my turn . you want answers , or shall i leave... thats my question .

big foot is easy... they are slaver's... they domesticated dogs , cats , cows , horses , wheat ....

{ what you think humans just turned out this way by accident , we were domesticated ! big foot did that ! give me a brake... humans have the self control of a cat in a bird cage , filled with budgie birds .}

at any rate , the european big foot domesticated humans along with the other animals ( cats , dogs , cows , horse , sheep , wheat ) and did a pretty fine job i might say .

when they started eating humans... things got out of hand and there was a trans species war... they lost- people won ,

they got the human stock from africa , took it to sweden ... they liked female human as nanny's for their own young , and killed the males ( because they were useless ) .

beards were used to indicate when to kill the males .

12 clans , from only 12 breeding males make up all european humans...

light skin was used to make clear human and master species .

it is nearly genetic that humans make war , because humens rebel'd as sheep might rebel from the shepard , only the successful sheep survived .

the people who run ufo's grabb'd some of these guys , for the war effort , we couldn't just kill them , and we couldn't just move them a million miles away ( same as killing them ) so we moved them in to the future ... they were going there any way , so we just did what they ask'd us to do for them .

... oh , didn't i tell you , we even ask'd them ... do you want to live for thosand years ?, 1o thosand years ? , 1oo thosand years ?.

when they said yes , we froze them and after a thousand years , ten thosand , one hundred thousand years ... we would awaken them ... and set them lose . return them to the very spot they agree'd to .

every thing we agree'd to was carried out to the letter .

what they didn't reolise about the future was , they were not returned to a future world they wanted to be in ... as a point of fact , we didn't care what happened to them... we were helpping others by giving these guys something else , that they ask'd for .

we just wanted the humans to be free and rid of them .

the big foot ask'd and we told them the truth , there would be billions of humans who work very hard doing very clever things ..

(the big foot just assumed their labor was for them , )

billions of horses and cows , dogs and chickens , cats and apples , wheat and corn ... all the things of their handicraft .

( they assumed , because they made it... it was theirs)

they never ask'd , and we didn't tell them ... these humans might not be so easy to subdue and order around .

... you want to know who this "we" are ....

..."we" are you .

in another 2ooo years or so .

we are time travelers , (...AND you are unique and special ).

not because of your great brain , or some kinda soul **** .

you are born , you live , and die .

that is pretty unique , that makes you uniquely suited to time travel , that makes us extremely powerful .

you need to understand that , X-mobius paradox does not applie to humans ... because we die .

so we can go back in time to befor there was an earth... to the very beginning of time... and effect and be effected , where ever we go ( with in limits) .

we , our awareness , can jump across meny decades and do , in time , things-beings that are born and never die can not do ...

all because of this x-mobius paradox .

what the x-mobius paradox says is ...

lets say you have a song on the tape recorder and connect the beginning of the tape to its end ... in a great loop ... , if you just play the song there is no big deal , if ( however ) you record more tracks , or edit ( remove information ) ... you will get feed back... and fill it with a squeel ... the only way to stop the feed back is to make everything have a starting point , and at the end of the cycle ... reset everything to zero .

so... for normal awareness... they have a birth day... and then , die at the end of time .

so... no one is aware of the big bang ... half way to the singluarity of location ... they are born ... and at the big crunch everything dies ....but its a cycle , eternaly repeating ... 1/2 of eternity = eternal life

humans are unique , humans live 70 years , 87 years , 105 years ... and then die .... wow thats weird !...

what that lets you do is live 3 years one place in time , 2 years some place else , and 25 years some place else ... 105 years X eternity = eternity... no problem

but the next after humans learn to do this a bit better than i can explain . we are kinda good in time /space ... they are ...

frankly , they are the single most dangerious beings there is , quite frankly - - - every where - - - our kidds are pretty amazing ...

they are so dangerious , that they are watching over you .

you call them angels . ( the good guys )

the demons , ( the bad guys) are the non-human awareness in other demensions that are trying to get to you (humans) , and kill you befor your future kidds kill them ...

i have good news... the bad guys fail .

i have bad news ... the human race bleachs (genicide of everything non-human ) in every world , every species , everything in every other demension ... to protect you , personaly .

your totaly alone in eternity , infinity and in pretty much every where the mind can imagine... and a whole bunch of places you can't imagine .

disclosure is simply this !

as a human being , we have a set number of seconds and minutes of being ... we have an amount of time .

that is what makes us unique !

because of this , we can not be contained in a bottle , our kind can slip out of our birth time , go into our fathers time and protect our own past... while attacking our future enemy befor they are much more than a glimmer in a pond of chemicals .

we can steal machines from the future to make our current time easy , seek out the minds of our greatest thinkers , ponder directly , thinking of the logic and wonders of the future and the past ...

... we rule all the dimensions , and are fear'd more than gods ...

we have our limits ( but time is not one of them ) .

we can't allow anything to effect our own past .

the earth is guarded , protected , seal'd ... and what happens there is not touched

you mess with us... and we will step on you like a bug !

but what happens on earth , you don't even dream about messing with that !

as far as the mind can reach , for as long as the night has been dark ... the sky has been empty of any thing living ...

and we humans did this .

we didn't just remove it all ... we removed it and continue to remove it ...

very much like setting off 1ooo atomic bombs all over the earth ... burning the soil to ash , and killing every living thing... to protect an ant hill that you build a glass dome over . . . .

and then place armys around the glass dome , to protect the ant hill .

and frankly , that understates by magnitudes what was removed in order to assure the safty of the earth , and you .

the night sky is empty of life .

its empty for a reason , your the reason .

ufo's are not from some where else , they are from here... just not a here you know anything about .

ufo's are from a future here , and a future human race ... they are us

abdunctions are not always volinteers , but they are not being done with out good reasons .

all the time travelers you see are all from here... but... they are not all from the same time... and they are not all as well polish'd

frankly speaking , some of these travel guys are not that bright .

what you need to know is this , everything will turn out all right .

there is a future , because these time travelers are proof of it .

the cover up is on going... but not always by people from this time...

and know virginia... their is a santa claus .

P>S> no , i am not john teeter .

john is a dimensional slipper , he was told to return .. and did not.. and that is a bad thing for him , but not for you .

between 1988 and 1998... he will age 75+ years , john tetter died of old age in 1998 ... at one point , there were 6 copys of him living here concurrently ... figure it out ...

one of the protocols of time travel is that we can tell storys , if your not sure the story is true , or don't beleive the story at all ... ( ,,if you know its a hoax , we are golden .)

we can write fiction , read tea leaf's , read your chart and the stars ... but if we get serious and force you to beleive... its not a good thing .

what you need to know is this : 1) relax , if there are guys from the future here... things never got so bad... that THERE ARE NOT people from the future here . 2) you personaly , linda - are not just a little famious ... you are crop circles .. art bell , and you are known .

kings , empires , wars , art , history , writen words... all are lost in the winds and loud noise that is time ... your pictures of crop circles are known so far into the future , it is meaningless to say how great the time is they are honor'd .

3)the readerone has already met you , in person ... you will never hear from him again . readerone is a title , like captain , major or officer .

any time you have contact with a traveler , once they complete their mission... they zone out , very often because they no longer remain in the future ... they have changed the future to one that no l;onger includes them . 4) traveler's are very very orderly . they will follow your rules , if you tell them a rule ( even if you lie) they will follow the rule . ( they are not that street smart ) ... they will try to land at an air port , they wil try to go to military bases to follow the rules.

most time travel'r are not that street smart , but they are not the bad guys .

something to remember : the bad guys don't know that they lost the war . the war where humans remove them from all of time and space and beyond .

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Please avoid making lots of short, consecutive posts - it's better to type out everything you want to say first and then submit it as one post. Also try to compose a clear and concise description of what you are looking to discuss so others can understand it.

Thank you.

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its all good , but i loaded the wrong thing... but i kinda like this too..

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1) i am kinda new to this whole thingy... and quite frankly , much of the time i don't think out what i am going to say ... untill 20 minutes after i have typed it out and posted it....

2) i didn't wanna take over some one elses well thought out and carefully crafted topic.... ( that is kinda rude)... and this is not well discribed... cuz this topic is pretty much what ever any one wanted to post here...

its really not that well thought out

3) thank you... i will try to behave my self. ( but it is just so harde some times )

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on a tramp freighter sailing out of a rusty harbor in the pacific , i met a skipping stone.

a young man looking for a young women some where on the face of a world that was so small , and yet had so meny places to stop.

if you held your breath for a moment , and focus'd your attention on one task , one operation for a few moments , you would suddenly slow down and time would catch you , and you would stop .

myrddin was looking for a ghost named tami .

to look at either of them , they would seem to be about 23 to 29 , tall , slender , and undefined .

his task was to get another ticket , another hotel room , another meal , skip off the water one more time , and keep looking for tami .

he didn't know her name , he didn't know what she looked like , he didn't know where she was from , what she was doing changed , he didn't know where she was going , or when she would be there .

his task was to travel the icy altitude , feel the deisal motor hiss in his bones as he slept , watch the passing feilds and fenced in lives of train windows , watch the gray tones of the waves of oceans , walk the halls of hotels and feel the solitude of the taxi cab's .

he was never in a hurry , when everything around him was rushing past , looking for a soul in faces flashing past him like a blur .....

so meny faces , and he was looking for just one .

and she didn't even know he was looking , he didn't even know if she was skipping from one location to the next like he was... she might have slowed , turned... lost energy and sank to the bottom ... got stuck .

if that happened , his finding her would be hopeless .

what he specialized in was finding people with money , and getting on his way to the next location .

he didn't cheat , steal or lie . he was polite , charming , calm and well spoken . on meeting him , you seemed to know him , you knew he was intelegant , he seemed to know what the rules were , what the customs were , how things are normaly done .... he had an ageless kind of experiance .... he had been here an infinite number of times befor , done this an endless number of times befor .

myrddin could sit down next to any one and have a conversation , but he was always looking for the person who would skip the stone one more time , and keep him moving , one more time , lift him into the icy altitudes of transoceantic flight . his was a very exclusive world , he didn't mingle with the experianced travelers , the coast to coasters , the vacation travelers , tour guide tourest , the sales client and advertiser agent .

he could talk the jumper in thru the window and in off the ledge , he knew the path of minds eye wandering to find peace for the death of a parent , he could read the drama of wedding ring spinners , could calm the colt who has never been in the larger feild of the greater promise .

he looked into the eyes for the success story that had come to the dead end , all the wars were over and the warrior had made the mistake of killing all their enemys , and dreaming to small a dream , living to see the dream completed .

myrddin was a master at the art of doing for others what he could not do for himself .

... and i have the rune of myrddin ...

with it , socreaties has no question that is hard to answer , budda can be startled with surprise , and there is nothing you can ask , that can not be understood .

only with the rune of myrddin can tami be found , and i have the rune of myrddin .

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lets start with definitions of words ( the convention of two minds , to the meaning of words .)

a dimension can be defined graphically in this way .

< - - - 3 - - - 2 - - - 1 - - - 0 - - - 1 - - - 2 - - - 3 - - - >

a dimension has at least three quality's 1) a infinite quality 2) a finite quality 3) a base quality .

let me list three easily seen dimensions 1) infinite space, matter , space 2) eternity , energy , time 3)god , your personal awareness ,reality as orderly concepts , laws and patterns

let me list 2 dimensions not so easily seen 1) ' ele ' magnetism , polarizing radio waves and 2) " psi " remote viewing / dozing

let me list the quality's of proof : eternity is a moment multiplied by infinity... the base measure of it is the rythem of repeating moments in cycles .

infinite space is a single location multiplied by infinity... the base measure of it is the rythem of repeating places measured in inches or miles .

god is your personal awareness multiplied by infinity... the measure of it is the rythem of repeating souls all defining order and laws , of balance .

we do not see the infinite or or finite quality's of ele or psi ... because they do not share our common awareness interface .

so it is unlikely we can even proof they are real .

in the bell curve of the colors of light , infra red is like the ele , and ultra violet is like the psi .

we feel it indirectly... but do not feel it directly .... red and orange is the mass nature , green and yellow awareness , cyan and blue the energy nature of change .

let me define a word in a minds eye parable vision , or device seen in the minds eye .

interface :

see in the minds eye a 50 liter glass fish tank , empty of ever common object seen .

also in the minds eye , please see two fluids that are equal in every meaningful way . both clear fluids are with out color and are clear to the same degree , both fluid to the same degree .

please envision in your mind that 20 liters of first one and then 20 liters of the other pour into the glass tank .

you then reolise that one is clear oil , and the other is clear water .

you see the silver interface between the 6 pounds per gallon density fluid and the 8 pounds per gallon fluid density


you see the motion of the silvery interface , even when there is no motion at the surface....

and you see bubbles of oil floating in the water , and bubbles of water floating in the oil ...

ah, but wait ... you know what your seeing , but do you see what you are knowing , or what you are seeing ?

you see the interface... not the water in the oil .

you see the silvery interface in the oil ... you don't really see the water .

the interface between the oil and the water interacts with the interface of the oil and the water... the oil or water do not directly effect each other....

lets drop a ball of steel into our metaphor , its pass thru the oil is not seen , but winks in and then out as it passed threw , it may even make a bubble in its passing ...

lets blow a bubble of air into our metaphor , its pass threw the water is not seen until it blasts threw the silvery interface , it to may create a bubble....

time , energy, eternity is the oil , space , matter , infinite space is the water ..... awareness is the interface....

this is the simplest idea the mind can understand with out any proof .

you either know it... or are a blind animal with out the ability to think of more complex ideas.

E = Mcc is a ratio... it is like the mixture of gasoline and air in a gas engine's carburetor .

all that is , is awareness... the big bang is infinite energy with out location , given location in a ratio of conversion as it makes awareness ...

the last black hole is location with out change , with out time , and awareness blinks out of reality...

frankly , this is not that hard to understand .

what is hard to understand is how simple it is .

everything you think you know , is missing the simplest part of all ... reality is an interface between time and space ...

awareness is not made by the brain , the brain is made for the purpose of your personal awareness to effect and be effected in time space .

frankly speaking ... it is really that simple .

my question is simply this , if each soul has the same relationship with eternity and infinite space as an atom or "energy can not be created nor destroyed" ... then is it reasonable to assume that each soul lives the very same life , with out change , repeating in whole or in major part the same pattern of events eternally .... reincarnation as who you are .... living the same live for ever .

onereaderone ,

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let me define the words i use for clarity and understanding .

the base quality of a dimension does not effect , nor is it effected by , the finite quality .


the foot ball can be measured in yards , meters , feet , or inch's... the foot ball is still the same size , nor is the meter , inch , yard or foot , changed by measuring the foot ball.

reality does not effect your personal awareness , nor do you effect it by knowing it .

but reality is a construct of awareness .

i suspect your growing tired of me defining my terms and just want me to say what is on my mind. human beings are uniquely suited for time travel.

i can prove it, but you need to have a point of view that understands the words your using in a whole different way.

you need to understand the meaning of the words you think you know .

time is a measuring stick , moving in time is easy ... your doing it right this moment ..

changing directions in time is the hard thing... but still not so hard .

effecting and being effected by the past is the sticky thing in deed .

that can be done with in awareness , so lets get to the question you can answer .

you have a photograph of your pet , taken in the past... the photograph effects you , but you can not effect the moment you took the photograph in the past .

you have scheduled in , and look forward to , taking your pet on a walk in the park at noon tomorrow . meny things can effect you between then and now... you don't know what will happen , but you effect the out come the most ...


the past effects us , but we do not effect it . the future is effected by us , but what will happen as a knowing can not effect us .

right this moment , your hand strokes the fur of your pet , you are effected by and effect the your pet in this moment ... the interface of past and future moments .

who is it that is effected and being effected in this now ?

from a dimensional point of view , what is the multidimensional quality of effect .

to put a knifes edge to it ...location has a need for history , time requires change ... discribe the function of a tape recorder ... and you discribe the human awareness . but who is listening to the recording and why ?


the mind is a sensor of time ... practicaly speaking , the mind does not have a size... even as you talk of the brain or gray matter , the synap or dendrite.... what your really saying is the mind is the effect of sensor change on a brain that recrords change is a way that is not clearly understood ....or....

the mind really does not have a location or size... but lives in time and change

the organs of the body , how ever friendly they may be to each other , needing the services of each to the other.... are relationshis between seprate and singular unique individuals

that live in a world of weight and size ... inches and volume...

the body lives in space

the soul or personality live in the interface between the mind and the body ... caught between two remarkably diffrent personalitys... the body calling out , " i do not like change ...

the mind screaming for things to effect it... seeking all that is diffrent and changing

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there is a mind song , a whisper .

during the time of the great machine age , n armstrong , the moon walker , was morned .

first , let us all say a good word to the higher power for n armstrong .

good spirits be near and follow him to the light .

i have a remarkable need which i do not know how to deal with.

i need to give a warning to people about something that will be unlikly to happen. i am not even sure i understand the nature of the thing which is the object of the warning .

i am not very good in public , and i am not a good public speaker .

the sourse of this warning and the nature of what i know is not subject to your understanding or more correctly , your not likly to understand even if i want to tell you , or your not likly to take it seriously and i have been told to make no further attempt at talking to you in terms of what i know ,as it is but a waste of time of both partys involved.

this is diffrent, what i have just learned is diffrent , when you hear it... please look into it , and do what ever you think is best.

there is a condition or state befor the big bang... or/also after the last moment of the last black hole .

this state is called the void .

what is unique about this state is that there are only the infinite natures in union there/then ... there is not a single point of distinction .

there is only one uniform condition with out any change .

( all the infinite natures , of all the meny dimensions . both those known to you , and meny that are not known to you )

void is not easy to understand or explain , and it gets harder to understand , the more you understand of it , the more difficult it gets to really understand , the more complex it gets .

there is more about the atomic bomb than just the emp that mess's with the time travelers .

it opens up a time vortec that will suck in any " paradox soul " or bad guys that are/is near by , and near by is a very open value , the time travelers them selves do not know how big the vortec reaches out ... the one at horoshima was only 500 to 1000 feet in diameter , and was so strong , it sweept the whole planet clear of all paradox deamons , paradox spirits and paradox ghosts for nearly two years . bikini atoll cleared the solar system of paradox souls , but also reached back and forward in to time and is the reason the pacific ocean is there in the first place .

that one blast was so powerful , our own future was put in question , and steps were taken to stop this pattern of behavior that opened up attack vectors for the paradox time traveler .

what needs to also be note;d

active nuclear reactors can be used as communication vectors to and from the future . the sun is the main communication portal , but a atomic reactor can also be used.

a side issue of note :

the sun may never be used as a dumping ground for nuclear waste products .

this warning was given in the 1960's and 1970's ... and it is criticaly important for both the paradox time travelers or bad guys / deamons / devil .... and the angels , saints , good guys and human time travels here to help ...

let us assume for the time being that time travel is not simply a reality , but that it is quite common and that you are simply not paying attention .

there are the good guys and the bad guys , let me call the bad guys the " red dots " and the good guys the "blue dots" .

the blue dots are from the multi verse call'd the "ele" ... but they were kinda humans once... they came from earth , and evolved into the ele ... or something like that ( if you want the long version i can , but let me talk down to you for the time being ) they are the blue dots , they want us safe because we are them....

the red dots are beings that are one of 4 kinds . 1) not ele , and not from the time space , but enemys of the ele . they want us to be dead.... so that the ele will be dead . 2) time space , time travelers who want us dead so that the ele are dead , so that they survive , but that the ele killed off totaly .... except they got caught in time , in a time paradox . 3) ele time travelers or time space time travelers that are wack jobs ... that have been killed , but still have a paradox exsistance that is a problem . 4) other ( things that you learn along the way and I don't really understand )...

the thing i learned just now is that the red dots can not have anything to do with the void .

people , human beings , you and i , can look into the void with our minds eye all we like and imagine what it is like... and it is perfectly alright , its actualy better than all right. people are unique in being able to "go there in the minds eye" .... a devil , a demon , a bad spirit or a bad ghost can't .

the red dots can go with you... but they can't escape once you take them into the void , with in your thoughts , dreams or imagination .

any refrance to the void... eternity , god , infinity , jesus , higher powers of worship ... and that awareness that is useing your soul to be in time space can get sucked into the vortex of void and never escape.

this is not hard to follow...

now the warning , this is not easy to understand , or wrap your mind around .

when your in the void , your "standing in for god"... you become a kind of awareness nature that is infinite .

to escape the void ( a thing the red dots can not do ) you need to see your self as looking into the void state , you need to be apart and seprarte ... there needs to be two ... you and the void .

god will take it over from you at that point .

this sounds strange , but the red dots can not do this .

when a paradox enters the void , they will try to make you think you can't leave... but you can always leave... human souls are pretty big deals .

the soul is you , it is who you see your self as ... and the bits and peices left over after a time paradox is not happy with us collectivly , or with you singlurarly... because the distant time travelers of the far flung future are all from here ... we are the fish , climbing out of the soup of evolution , and the ele are very big on protecting that gene pool , which is us .

the detail is ; to snap the hold of the void , know that there are two , you and the void ... you are looking into it , even as you are apart of it... there is two ... you and the void.

that is the warning .

who this warning is for , why they need it now , what part it plays in the addressee, postage and mail of life , is not yours to understand or know .

what you do need to understand is that i don't understand what i can do to explain this so you don't blow me off... at the same time , with out having a clear idea my own self as to what this all means and what to do.

frankly speaking , if this warning does not get out , the out come is bad .

getting caught in the void , is not a happy thing .

you know it as hell .

what your doing by not helpping , is condeming souls to hell , because you do not understand something .

honestly , i am not all that clear on all of this and it scares me awake thinking about it .

lets hope that you read this .

as a tiny side trip , you also need to understand that when people pray... they are taking a tiny trip to the void .

they do not need to understand what they are doing for it to work .

devils are sucked into it just the same either way .

talking to an all powerful god is close enought to the void for it to work .

shouting " in the name of god ! blah blah blah..." is enought

to send any time travel paradox into the void... and they can't escape it .

P . S .

after reading this over , lets be clear on this , i do not have E.T's talking to me , telling me all their secrets . what they have done is left the phone off the hook on a party line , and i can lisen in ...

or tell you how you can do it as well if you have a few hours to lisen .

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Started strange, then just got to be annoying.

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If you are looking to post a monologue then a blog would be a more suitable place to do that, a discussion thread should be an exchange of views and ideas between two or more people and that simply isn't happening here - it still isn't even clear what you want to discuss.


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