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Chaosism / Fatuism / Moronism...

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Here is the spirituality (spiritual path). Chaos is eternal and infinite, the great emptiness (or darkness). It knows nothing, but from it, everything came. Chaos is confusion, emptiness, un-knowing-ness, the observer that is watching The Light (it's creation).

To embrace Chaos is to realize that Light is an illusion - an experience - a show for Chaos and nothing can be known. There is only experiences.

Chaos is possibility rather than certainty. From Chaos (or potential) Form (or order) is possible, but nothing is eternal except for Chaos and any orders established will have to be maintained otherwise they will be re-absorbed by Chaos.

That which rises in motion from stillness, will return to stillness.

That which is lit-up, will one day return to be darkened.

That which is heated-up, will one day return to its coldness.

That which is controlled through order, will one day return to freedom.

I am not sure if I should call this Chaosism (Chaosist), Fatuism (Fatuist), or Moronism (Moron - Moronic philosophy).

This is about embracing ignorance (the fact that we do not know) in order to understand that all is just possibility without certainty arising from Chaos.

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