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Big Bad Voodoo

Coolest Kids Are Also The Biggest Bullies

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Those kids who bully others will appear to be "cool," until they mess with the wrong kid and get beat up, that is.

When I was in high school, their were some kids who bullied many of my friends and I. But a lot of those bullies stopped messing with me and my friends.

The reason?

They messed with the wrong kids and got beat up and humiliated.

No matter how big, strong, and tough a kid is, their's always someone else that can beat them up in a fight. So if a bully goes around messing with other students, sooner or later it backfires.

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Peter Parker types are real, eventually they mature and far outshine their peers in even the most unexpected ways.

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Likely Guy

"A new study from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) revealed that “cool” kids in middle school had a tendency to participate in bullying more than others."

The preceding study was also brought to you by the 'Institute of Obvious Studies'.

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I think they are right about the aggression and violence part but not the bullying part. The people who fought were regarded as cool, not the ones who just straight up bullied or mouthed off. The ones who broke the rules and did their own thing.

Maybe the definition of cool changed since I was in school.

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