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The Exodia

Aquarius the Guardian of water element

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aquarius is known as one of the horoscope star to humans. holds the water elements of life. they have a human part above and fish tail below like a mermaid shape. i never expect to enter to aquarius portal by accident. i was dropped to a mansion of the aquarius old man who was doing an experiment to 3 dogs. i was confuse at first but he said "i will extract the truth from those beings." and asked me do not interfere. a dog once was a guard and a friend to the chosen ones and they do know "some" of the truth or called "the unwritten history".the dog talked and i was surprised and he said he wont tell any of it.the dog surrounded by a blue energy,he seems to know me and trusted me to save the puppies. well, i seen few incidence and i did saved those small puppies and hid them while the portal guard is on his way. while i was running i bumped into aquarius lady who was looking for her lover. it seems her lover ran away from her. i climbed the tower and trying to go across since i dont have fish tails. they were building a sort of "flying fox" transportation. i was the one who asked to test it away. i did by accidently and it went down to other side.they don't have the controller on the other side and i ended up hit to the wooden floor of the side walk. not to mention they don't have the stopper. i followed the lady and the portal guard came and look for me. i cant tell the lady to stop loving cause i know their sensitive level and i would get kill by her if i try. so i asked the guard to open a portal to the party of mates where she found a partner there. she looked happy and i went back since the portal guard was worried.

it seems the old man was caged by the blue energy dog. i guess he was on his mission to obtain the dogs. and it seems i enter it by accident.

how i enter the portal is always a mysterious to me. i did enter few portal but the guardian was always there to bring me back.

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