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2 Bible Gods (Elohim/Elyon and Yahweh)

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Al / El

A (א) - Symbol of "the ox head". Also meaning "Power", "Strength", or "First/Leader"

L (ל) - Symbol of "the sheperd staff". Also meaning "Yoke", "Bind", "Toward", "Teach/Lead"

AL/EL (אל) - Would mean something like "Strong Leader", "Strong Authority", or "Bull Leader (A leader who is a bull)". It was also the generic term for a "god". "THE" bull god had to be distinguished as ba'el (Father of The Gods)".

Elyon - Above or Supreme. It can be used as a title for a god meaning "Most High".

Elohim (Could be plural or a form of an adjective) means "The mighty (one or ones)".

Some say that "Elohim" in Genesis 1 refers to more than one god but I disagree because the bible used the verb "bara" which means "he made" or in this case "god made". It is a singular verb.

"Elohim bara shamayim ev erets" - God made [bara - singular verb] the heavens and the earth.

So "Elohim" is being used as an adjective noun "The Mighty One".

Notice how Genesis 1 to Genesis 2:3 , it talks about the creation and Elohim resting on the 7th day and through all creation was saying "it was good". Elohim made mankind - MALE and FEMALE (together as opposed to the female being genetically engineered from the males rib). Many was free to eat of EVERY fruit bearing tree (NO EXCEPTIONS!).

But then in Genesis 2:4 - "Yahweh/Jehovah/YHVH" is introduced and then "Elohim (The mighty)" becomes an adjective for "Yahweh". "Yahweh-Elohim", "The Mighty Yahweh" becomes translated as "The LORD God". Yahweh WALKS in the garden and he also tells the man and women that what was said in Genesis1-2:3 was not true, that there was a tree that they WEREN'T supposed to eat from even though earlier Elohim said ALL fruit bearing trees were given to them. This is how Yahweh got The Man and Woman to think that they had messed up (Sin).

The Bible admits that "Yahweh" is NOT "THE" Mighty (Elohim) talked about in Genesis1-2:3

Deuteronomy 32:8-9

The Most High (Elyon) gave to the nations separating the sons of man and setting the boundaries of the people according to the number of the sons of Israel. For the portion of Yahweh is his people; Jacob is the allotment of his inheritance.

In other words, The Most High (Elyon) divides up the various nations and allocates a portion to Yahweh.

Here is more Evidence:

Psalms 82:1

A Psalm of Asaph. The Mighty One (Elohim) stands [singular-verb] in the congregation of Divinity (El - God); judging in the midst of The Gods (Elohim).

This was a bit tricky to translate. I knew for a fact that "Elohim" had to be singular in the beginning because the verb is singular. So it must refer to "The Mighty One" of Genesis 1-2:3. The congregation of EL was a bit difficult to translate. On the one hand it could mean "In the congregation of God" but that would not make sense, since "Elohim (The Mighty One)" was refered to as The Creator God of Genesis1-2:3 who created "the heavens and the earth". For judging among the "elohim", I think it was appropriate to translate that part as "Gods" since "judging among" would have to be more than one. Either way - It is NOT "The Lord" (Yahweh).

Here is another interesting one:

Psalm 82:6

I said "You are Gods [Elohim]; and are all sons of The Most High (elyon).


Elohim was NOT a plural when it was talking about the creator of "Heaven and Earth". Elohim was used as an adjective instead so that it can be a title meaning "The Mighty One". How do I know this? Because it is combined with SINGULAR verbs, in Genesis1:2-3. Another title for "Elohim" is "Elyon" meaning "Most High".

El was used to mean "God" or even plural "Gods" such as "Ba'el" (Father of GodS), but sometimes it was just used in the sense of "divinity".

Elohim (The Mighty One) or more specifically Elyon (The Most High) is the Genesis1:2-3 creator of "heaven and earth" which created mankind (Male AND Female - together) and gave "ALL" fruit bearing trees to man. Yahweh (The Lord) or Yahweh-Elohim (The Mighty Lord) is NOT Elohim /Elyon (The Mighty One - The Most High). Yahweh was introduced in Genesis2:4 and claimed to have genetically engineered woman from mans' rib and that there was a tree that the were NOT supposed to eat from even though "The Most High" said in the beginning that he gave ALL fruit bearing trees to them. The rest of the bible is MOSTLY about Yahweh , and even in some verses like Deuteronomy 32:8-9 it talks about how Elohim/Elyon (The Mighty One, The Most High) gave SOME power over to Yahweh (and therefore Jesus).

Even the creation stories are in contradiction:

Genesis 1:25-27, Humans were created after the other animals. (Elohim/Elyon) [Agrees with Evolution]

Genesis 2:19-19, Humans were created before the other animals. (Yahweh)

Genesis 1:20-21, God made the moving creatures of life and fowl from the water (Elohim/Elyon) [Agrees with Evolution]

Genesis 2:19, God made every beast and fowl from the ground (Yahweh)

Genesis 1:11, God brought forth vegetation of every kind (Elohim / Elyon) [Agrees with Evolution]

Genesis 2:8-9, God brought forth vegetation specifcally from a garden in the east of Eden

Genesis 1:27, God created man and woman (Elohim / Elyon) [Agrees with Evolution]

Genesis 2:18-22, God created man, then animals, then woman from man's rib...

What are your thoughts on this?

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I think you are confused..

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