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My Demon.

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About three years ago I was hardcore Satanic. My "praying" consisted of meditation and trancing out to low music, incense candles, and saying a verse in my head. I was going through a rough time in my life and I had read that summoning a demon would give me strength and what not. To make a long story short, it worked. Since, I have had lots more positive things happen to me. Of course, there are still the negative tid-bits, but they have decreased drastically.

I always feel this presence at night mostly when I'm alone and nothing is really going on. I can sense that it is a male presence, tall, not necessarily skinny but not necessarily buff. So possibly in the middle. My boyfriend is in the Army and has been gone for nine months now, I do not sleep around with anyone else. I wake up some mornings with bruises on the back of my leg in the shape of a finger print. At first, I knocked it off thinking nothing of it, then it kept happening. I know I'm not THAT clumsy so I read into it more. I've come to the conclusion that, whatever this entity is, does these bruises to show me that he is here with me.

Recently, I have been able to feel emotions coming from him. (ie; anger, sadness, happiness, etc) I can also start to feel him now squeezing my leg, possibly to leave a bruise and other simple touches like him laying his head on my shoulder, putting his arm around my waist, or even running his fingers up and down my arm. I do not feel a sense of danger when he's around. One more thing, at times I can sense him saying things. Not in voice or anything, just my mind says something completely unrelated to what I was about to talk about, type to someone, or any of that.

Has this happened to anyone else? Or does anyone have more knowledge of what these feelings are? I would love to have people's insights on what's been happening.

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Simbi Laveau


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