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U.S. Base Attacked, Truck Bomb Found Before Afghan


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U.S. Base Attacked, Truck Bomb Found Before Afghan Vote

Read the full story here---courtesy of Rueters

KABUL (Reuters) - Taliban insurgents fired rockets in parts of Afghanistan and a huge truck bomb was intercepted on the eve of the first presidential election in the rugged, war-torn land, underlining the risk of sabotage by Islamic radicals.

Despite the scattered violence and the ever-present threat of a major attack, there appeared to be growing optimism that Saturday's landmark poll, which President Hamid Karzai is favorite to win, would go off fairly smoothly.

"Yes, security is a concern," said an elderly man with a trim salt-and-pepper beard as he shopped in a Kabul bazaar. "But this will be a great day. I will vote. I'm optimistic that an elected government can improve people's lives."

All is lost!!!! It is a quagmire in Afghanistan!!!! The Iraq war led to our failure in Afghanistan!!!! This is terrible, terrible!!!! The Bush administration has completely failed in Afghanistan and here is the proof!!!! The sky is falling!!!!!

((Sorry, I was channeling ANC news for a minute. My apologies.))

Back to reality. Tomorrow's elections in Afghanistan, which will probably go off with only a very few incidents of violence, is a great example of the success the Bush Administration is having, even while at the same time fighting a war in Iraq.

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These people do know the US military is only playing with the gloves on to portray a nice image at home. Assuming Bush did win the election, and he had nothing to worry about for another 4 years and nothing to loss at the end of it, the US military will pull off those gloves after November and then the terrorists will see what a real war is like. Yet they seem completely oblivious huh.gif

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Whoa Talon, it almost sounds like you would like to see Bush win. whistling2.gifcool.gif

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Hardly, I'm just not kidding myself about what the military will do when either win... probably because its so obvious tongue.gif

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