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Do Fingerprints indicate a "Mental" Signature

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Likely way-off left-field here, but I was wondering:

Is it possible that certain characteristcs of a fingerprint is common among the criminally mentally disturbed?

Such as serial killers, serial rapists, etc.

For that matter, I wonder if fingerprints have been closely examined and compared with those suffering from any type of mental illness. Has this ever been investigated?

For example, in criminal justice, only a certain number of "matches" of a "swirl" pattern or such is suficient for inclusion for potential evidence of identification of a person. (Realizing that, like DNA, it's not 100% but legally sufficient, per se)

So what about the rest of the fingerprint pattens? All the other ridges, swirls and such not used in ID?

Have they been compared to the ENTIRE fingerprint patterns of serious criminal offenders to denote any similarity?

After all, our fingerprints are a result of our DNA.

Probably nothing, but just curious if anyone has any info on this.

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This is touched upon in actual palmistry books I own ,which are decades old.

They state to be very aware of certain finger types ,and scroll work on the finger pads ,and some lines .

I will see if I can find the books .

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Thanks, Simbi, for the info :yes:

I forgot about palmistry.

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