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Abduction Stories: 1976. Bourg-de-Péage, Fran

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Source: Jean-Louis RUCHON

O.V.N.I. What happened on June 11 on the RN 531 near Bourg-de-Péage? Novels. - It is a strange story that comes to Miss Helen Giuliana, aged twenty years, living Hostun (Drôme).

"I dared not speak, she says, I was afraid that they laugh at me."

It was around 1 pm 30 am in the night from 10 to 11 June: Miss Helen Giuliana, returned to the wheel of his 4 L of Valencia, where she had spent the night at the movies. After a coffee break, she went back to her home, the RN 531, when suddenly, after crossing the bridge "Martinet" after Pizançon on the common Chaluzange-le-Goubet, she noted a slowdown in the progress of its car. Afraid of being out of fuel, the girl checked the level of the tank, but everything was normal. The engine had failed once again, and then suddenly all the lights went out and the vehicle the engine stalled.

It was then, says Ms. Giuliana, I saw about fifteen feet in front of my car, put on the National, a mass of orange light. I was very scared, and I locked my car doors locked and put my hands before my eyes. After a moment, the witness is unable to determine the duration removing my hands from my eyes, I found that the luminous mass had disappeared.

I turned on the ignition, explains Ms. Giuliana, and the car started without problems. I came home so upset that I missed the most direct route, and make a detour to Hostun Balm, which is not my usual route. When I got home, it was 4:00 in the morning! "

This story, made by a witness who appears a priori trustworthy is particularly strange. Indeed, how can one explain his curious observation of a luminous mass, lying in the middle of the road, and especially this time of nearly two hours, during which the girl had remained trapped in his car lights off, on RN 531, with no car, have usually spent on a busy road, day or night.

Mayor Hostun, M. Bouvier, in which Miss Giuliana is used, gave good information about the witness of this fact at least strange.

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I included this alien abduction case to Faces Of The Abductees. It will be updated with more and more alien abduction people.

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