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The Lake Erie UFO Case: an Outstanding Report

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World famous Whitley Strieber says "Lake Erie UFO" and "Michael Lee Hill" ET-Contact Case "An Outstanding Report!"

The Lake Eerie UFO Case: an Outstanding Report

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's not often that a UFO case gets such expert treatment as is seen here in Wes Penre's deeply researched and careful analysis of the Michael Lee Hill Lake Erie UFO case.

Noteworthy is the fact that a documentary that was being done by Spike TV on Hill was abruptly cancelled by 'higher authorities.' As many who have gone down that same road know, all too often, UFO related projects are abruptly cancelled for unknown reasons by media at every level. It is hard to believe that some sort of intervention from the outside is routinely suppressing sensible and positive stories about this subject. - Whitley Strieber (November 2012)

Source - http://www.unknownco...t#ixzz2CjibkTa8

Story Source:

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Imo, it seems those who've seen these UFO's over Lake Erie are ufologists. This stuff just seems to circulate in specific circles.

From my personal experience: I grew up on the mainland shores of Lake Erie as well as offshore on one of the islands. I spent countless hours on docks and in boats and on the shore at night. My uncle was a fisherman and my dad a local pilot and boater Most of our friends and family were boaters, or fisherman or pilots or islanders or lived along the shore. Again, just like Mothman in WV, never heard or had anyone talk about their UFO sightings over Lake Erie. Except maybe in grade school from another 8-year-old when UFO's were "cool"

We never saw or discussed "Lake Erie's rich history of UFO sightings" with any friends or family.

I'll have to ask family about the "newer" sightings. But no one has ever mentioned them.

Saw the northern lights while out on the lake, though, awesome!

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