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Simbi Laveau

HK milk shortages inspire limits

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Simbi Laveau


Mainland smugglers have been going into Hong Kong,and buying up many items,including powdered milk,creating shortages in the city .

They then leave the city,by going into Shenzhen via rickshaws,and then onto mainland China,where they resell the goods for profit.

Going into Shenzhen circumvents the tariffs they would have to pay, going via more comfortable routes .

This has caused dischord amongst the HK residents,which inspired the limits on milk leaving the city .

This milk is used mostly for babies .


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Simbi Laveau


Update :

Police have to intervene amid tensions over milk and parallel traders taking goods out of Hong Kong .

Parallel traders were confronted at a store ,by citizens waving flags of Hong Kong .

The police were called so keep it from possibly becoming violent .

Parents in Hong Kong can now call a hotline to order the baby milk .

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