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The Exodia


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when i fought against my own same level chosen ones. its like i am upset as Father above. knowing once again we failed him and now all i can do its just do what i can. even without all of em, even without their energy elements. lastime was atlantis. future might be the whole. you, the secret that was hidden from any of the beings is the last dimension door key to Father's creator spaces was not given by any portal guardians. but to someone who once stop the unwritten war of dimensions. that same person also closed the dimension doors and sent back every being to their right place. humans brain was added up an organ to locked every guardians ability and curse to do the same thing to infinity until one of em are truthfully didn't repeated the same goes the same to other beings. you were scared and blocked me. repeat again will be more hurting than die once and go back to Father above.

without the elements of other dimension, there will never be earth. every stars above have different elements, it was combine into one till it called was in agreement of dimension. the rest of it its still be unwritten.

the illumination is manipulated humans to activate themselves so they could fight again against it. very clever girl. my guess is you are part of it and your above members must have kept one of the chosen ones that connected to others. that is why you knew about it.

the history that been running inside his/her mind is forbid to you."girl"

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