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Open-source, DIY quadcopter Crazyflie

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We’ve seen small quadcopters, and we’ve seen do-it-yourself quadcopters, but this new quadcopter from Bitcraze combines both a very small size with the pat-on-the-back feeling you get from completing a do-it-yourself project.

As mentioned above, the Crazyflie is quite tiny, measuring in at just 9cm x 9cm and weighing around 19 grams, and comes in two different versions, with the difference being the amount of sensors available on the unit. Bitcraze notes that there currently isn’t firmware for the unit with the extra sensors yet — keyword “yet.” There are two commercially available units: the Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit 6-DOF ($149), and the 10-DOF ($179), both of which include a USB radio dongle and accompanying 2.4GHz antenna.

The quadcopter can fly for up to seven minutes, and the lithium polymer battery takes around 20 minutes to charge through a standard USB dock.


This is so cool. Some of the hacks at the end of the video are great.

I want one!

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and then

I just fell in LOVE!! Oh yeah......

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