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The Official opening of scotlands parliament


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Here's an idea, all the people who don't want Independece go to England, all the people who do, say in Scotland laugh.gif That would solve everyone's problems grin2.gif The British Scots remain British, the Scottish Scots remain Scottish. Then people could move back to Scotland or stay in England depending on how they feel after Scotland was free.

Alternatively we could have a Referendum on the issue every ten years to get it over with. huh.gif

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Holyrood offers boost for tourism

International interest in the official opening of the new Scottish Parliament building will provide a tourism boost for Edinburgh, it has been predicted.

The Holyrood website was visited by people from more than 80 countries during Saturday's ceremony.

Peter Lederer, the chairman of VisitScotland, said that the eyes of the world had been on the event.

"I have no doubt that the successful opening of Holyrood will bring even more visitors to the capital," he said.

Presiding Officer George Reid added: "The opening of Holyrood gave us a chance to show off the range of Scotland's best talent on the international stage, and the level of interest in parliament's work from around the world is a pleasing reflection of our internationalist outlook.

"The day itself lived up to my high expectations for it, and key to that for me was being able to bring people from across the country into the heart of their new parliament building."

The parliament's website received its greatest number of hits from people in the UK and the US.

However, there was also interest from countries ranging from Nepal, Qatar and Saint Lucia to Brazil, China and India.

Story from BBC NEWS:


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