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Prequel to the anticipated Russian UFO Buzz

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3 videos totaling 45 minutes mostly cinematic and not any definitive proof but a must see for the budding Ufologist.

Is the release anticipated out of Russia. It seems to dated to be that is why I call it the prequel. Anyways enjoy if its your cup of tea.

part 2


part 3

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Seen these clips ages ago on one of my trips down the youtube rabbit hole, interesting to say the least. Makes sence in a few different aspects I have my doubts like everyone else will have theres a few things I was left uneasy about but I consistantly get that feeling with ALL videos I watch about fringe or meta subjects, it's always how/why and never the most important thing WHAT THE F* DO WE F*'IN DO ABOUT IT! lol.

As a person that has alot of the similarities of an Indigo Child/Adult (my more spiritual family members giggled because I was only just learning about it because they always knew i was) (probally when I mostly noticed this occurence of the main question i pointed out before), when researching and trying to learn more about it, it was ALWAYS a big issue with the articles and videos and such, I don't know if skeptics from all catergories intentially do this for interest grabbing reasons or they have never been given the full story, it just makes the topics seem like dead history even though it is relevent today which drags out the intigrity of the subjects. not to the point that it's forced me not to believe, just to the fact i will just be more self teaching from what i can see/feel/hear/smell as apposed to trying to research on the million and three sub-catergories that lead nowhere but useless data entries.

It also hurts that people go out of there ways, to make it a super-foney-celebrity-profile on these subjects as a whole like say for example John Edwards and the other mainstream fools that make it so much harder to take seriously, that if at any point some credible evidence were actually found/undeniably forced to the public it would be one of the age old mistakes that the main part of the world is told about 50 years later.

I think the pope mentioning that he believes in the possibility of a lifeform existing on other planets in our solarsystem/neighbourhood, is a good sign that the flood gate is weak and they are prepping to create any loopholes and excuses to save their skin when the time comes.

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