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fresh from my vault.

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I used to write a fair bit of stuff like this, I'm not a fringe flicker :P or anything like that no offence to those who are. One of my biggest influences is as corny as it sounds Scott Levy (Raven) just I always liked his work on the mic as he would always dabble with a Edgar Allen Poe sence about it *insane genious vibe*, which always caught my interest. I have trouble creatively writing now, i have to do it in quick bursts or else i end up proofreading and re-writing it numbers of times and can never pick it up later and continue on.

*sidenote* - Just before the trolls come out, I appreciate the business of pro-wrestling don't really care what happens on tv or social media in regards to what they do, but moreso the abilities and contructive abilities backstage which has faded alot since back in the day... anyways more than happy to share my views on that just start the thread, tag me and fire away.


we never know how its gonna pan out

whats coming next still filled with doubt

sometimes the regrets in life fill my head

never wish that i would just fall dead

ive come too far and overcome too much

to be negative to give up for the reason of such

3000 kilometres just made it all hazy

blocked the view of what i shouldve seen its crazy

friends and family fill the void inside

full of incoherent self concious pride

to dream is to live

ignorance is to give

so much is inside dwelling

getting to the point that my brain is swelling

scared of knowing the truth

too busy being the proof

to even think of treading backwards now

knee deep but i feel im about to drown

wish i never had to speak of it

that it just already known

circling around this dark pit

hoping someday i will run to the throne

understanding true self is the key in life

phillosophical storytellers live the fight

alone dark and hurting

on the outside its all flirting

projection is showing that its grouse

the bottle helps not to feel as shy as a mouse

in time i hope you'll understand

that its the royal flush in your hand

forever strolling sunset into the decent

not ever worrying about the content

not living the lie

just praying to live the beauty and i

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That about sums it up ... spot on chap.. I like this.

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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

I hate the "inside dwelling". It can eat you from the inside out.

Mega points for using "grouse" in a little used context.

See ya later time, time to run for the throne myself.

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