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A Question

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Um, everyday now I just keep on drawing up the definition given to me saying "exploding" every-time I draw the Tarot card "The Tower" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tower_%28Tarot_card%29)

Never have I seen something like this before, especially because of the fact it repeats itself over and over daily every time I sit down to piece together the cards with the Bible in my project.. plans just keep getting disrupted.

I guess the question is that I was wondering about was.. um, What is it? Lol.

please and thank you.

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Leah G.

Makes me wonder how you are treating your cards??? How long have you had them, where do you keep them and do you cover them? Have you ever cleansed them? I had something like this happen to me once, I got rid of the cards, they just didn't like me BUT I had never cleansed them to make them mine, I didn't know what I was doing at the time so you might want to give them a sun or moon cleansing and if that doesn't work, try smudging and arranging the cards in order, cover with a black silk cloth for twenty four hours or get a new set that you are drawn to or that really just pop out at you. Let me know.


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I think I understand now, there is going to be some-sort of mass explosion occurring soon. I'm going to try and detect where at, but the way I saw the puzzle pieces to that answer that Came into place was making a short list of songs for my twitter page to make predictions and everything my cards are pointing to to try and use has something to do with nuclear explosions and being cast a drift to use stuff in that category.

Not intended to startle anybody but this is quite serious.

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