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This is my theory of ancient mysteries

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Hello my dear friends. After watching so many videos, reading books, surfing the internet, i believe i finally cracked the code to who we are and what really is going on. This may be something that all members in here, and people around the world have been waiting for. The answer is : Spiritual development of human beings, and to understand who we really are and our connection to universe. Ancient people who lived on our planet in the past were spiritually developed,and even technologically, and now they want us to be like them. They build all these stone monuments to show us, that they were here,and they are still here. They knew more about our planet earth, planets surrounding us,who we are, more then we think. They are trying to help us, but also warn future generations before possible cataclism. Ancient people,aliens or both used to live on our planet, and they left. Now what you see in the sky, its them. I am not going to be surprise that one they we will be aliens, just like they used to be. If you show somebody who lived 300 years ago on our planet, our modern technology like touch screen phone,plasma tv, cars,planes, and more, they would think ur an alien. Even today they are groups of people that, have no idea what cell phone or tv is. Its all about our development. They hate when we destroy our wonderful planet,and ourselves.

The could contact us a long time ago, but we humans need to change for this to happen. They giving us hidden messages thru stone monuments,crop circles,sightings in the sky and more,and its up to us, how quickly we will find out the thruth. Internet is a great tool to pass a message to others, and especially that is in my opinion number 1 as far as ancient mysteries info and forum. We here at unexplained mysteries forum are already "kinda" developed spiritually in some form. We are open and share info about things and more open minded ,that most people in the world have no idea about. I laugh at people who say that they dont believe in this and that without any study of this subject. Thank you


7 energy point centers called chakras ( crop circle )

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to be honest , having a clue as to what is going on puts you in the 1% ... you do not even need to be right .

1/6 of the world is muslin... or 1/6th of those on earth have never had a complete idea in their life .

2/3 of the people on earth are so dirt poor they have a hard time feeding them selves .... or 2/3rd of the earth would trade their freedom for a good meal and a warm place to sleep with out danger .

that you have the free time and energy to even think this out is remarkable , that you are a dreamer and reach with your mind before you swing with a fist makes you remarkable.

frankly , i am not to fond of your ideas , and you have a greater walk to take before your path is free of sharp stones and reaching vines that will pull you down and cut you .

but yours are all good places to start...

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