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Knight Of Shadows


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Chapter I

on the edge of my dark past my history

on my mind there was emptiness and freedom from memory

every sound fell on my deaf heart in tranquillity

inside my heart there was only frozen passions

people come and go but they leave no impressions

a void so deep enough to overcome the mighty oceans

and so as the days pass and grew old

through winter or summer my heart was always cold

inside my soul there was nothing to behold

here comes the day they swim in the ocean's deep

i watch them drown as i lay down to sleep

and thus my heart refused them to stay and keep

Chapter II

as i wake up bathed in the light of day

another fantasy i hunt down to slay

another empty game i wanted to play

a new victim knocks down on my door

full of despair she trembles on the floor

and i walk her through this haunted shore

but when time comes for the last farewell

instead of runing free she choose my cell

in their hearts they always knew in here love does not dwell

and so they walk on the shores of coal

mistaken these burned ashes for gold

but when the time comes like a page in a book they are fold

Chapter III

through the darkness and the clouds of storm

another one has lost her way faraway from home

unaware of the risk forward she presses and roam

from a distance the wind seems to tease her hair

the glimpse in her eyes forced the shadows back into their lair

these simple words of praise would not be just nor fair

with every step she took near

the shell around my heart begins to sear

and it's cracking sound i could hear

the ashes she stepped on became glowing green

the darkness retreats and is nowhere to be seen

and as we stand face to face separated by the past inbetween

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My god Knight, that was spectacular!!! I really love it. Mind you, I don't think I've read anything of yours that I haven't liked, but this is wonderful! Very well done.

Edited by Mistydawn

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i approicate it misty you're too kind :D

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