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Solipsi Rai

World's most poisonous plants

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Solipsi Rai

We don't tend to think about toxic poisonous plants, but nature has allowed lots of plants to evolved deadly toxins to defend itself from potential threats (such as mankind). I used to work in the garden dept. of a major home improvement store, where I took my time while working to learn some interesting (and deadly serious) facts of flora up for sale. When one's in the wild, they must study each and every likely "edible" plant and tell them apart from the deadly ones. Here are 10 of the world's most deadliest plants.


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That was interesting, thanks; I've been doing a lot of research into pennyroyal recently for the novel I'm about to redraft so toxic plants are intriguing me at the moment!

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I for one personally believe that monkshood (wolfsbane) is one of the most deadly of all plants. if one even touches it , the toxins from this plant could cause an allergic reaction you must seek medical treatment or you could die.monkshood was used to kill wolves and mad dogs (dogsbane) it was also used to kill assassins this plant was the poison of choice,monkshood is a very deadly plant and its best to avoid it at all cost or at least be very careful around it (monkshood) (wolfsbane) is one deadly plant.

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