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Jen died years ago and she was a favorite of mine, somone I will never forget,

regardless of this story. She had an incurable illness that she suffered with most all of her

life and her death finally came when she was about 38.

About a year after her death I was at the beach, but was ill and probably feverish one night.

The following is what I dreamed. It was nothing like anything I had dreamed before and

I know it meant something.

I was moving in my dream and all of a sudden there was Jen, and I called to her and hugged her.

She was as surprised and pleased to see me as I was to see her. We hugged and I kissed her over and

over and congratulated her on surviving death. She told me to wait and she left to return a few minutes later.

With her were her boyfriend and a lovely girl. They were all deceased.

We all ate dinner at a restaurant and talked like crazy and seemed to all have a good time, and then we

went to see a movie. When it was all over we walked a couple blocks to a wall of boarded up buildings and

it all looked very much like the old Berlin Wall. As we prepared to part, Jen came and told me that the other

girl would like me to kiss her, but I would not. It was not because I did not want to. Then we thanked each other

and they all flew up and over the wall. I climbed to the top, but was afraid when I saw the other side. There were

streets and buildings there, also, but it was much further down on that side than on my side and I was afraid

of falling.

It was the city of the dead.

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interesting, what are your other dreams like?

i like the concept of a city of the dead that you cant reach due to height

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Other dreams? Not like this at all, but the only other one having to do with the dead was this:

It was very early in the morning, maybe 15 yrs. ago, and I was sleeping with my wife and I dreamed

that I was doing the exact same thing. There was an empty plant hook above the foot of the bed and

in the dream I looked up to see a piece of clothing hanging from that hook. In the dream my wife awakes

and asked me why did I not hang up my shirt, and then she goes back to sleep.

But it is not my shirt, it is hour glass shaped and next I see two eyes forming above the shirt.

It spins around and makes the sound of a metal clothes hanger clanging against another.

Spooky. Then I ask out loud...Who are you? In a reply spoken so

low that I had to literally quit breathing to hear it, I heard "Alice".

The name of my wife's long departed mother. All I could figure.

Then I woke up and my blood seemed to run cold. What did it mean?

Next to get up and prepare for work!

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We often see the dead in our dreams. Have faith in Jesus that you won't become one of them.

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