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A poem for war heroes....

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"A Poem For War Heroes"

All of what a life means to overcome, not so much others will count as the "sum" (as some)

It is all you can be to relieve the struggle to bear, when you get home there is a life to share.

If you expect a world to be unified, you expect to decide what side to be on and no one lied.

Thrust into a Universal gain, where the ground bleeds its endless pain.

Throwing fists in the air fighting, the unsightly thing, a bullet has a name on it where a head will ring.

On the mark a life is short and lost, another gained, where one can find the skin is stained.

One can remember far along the way, when you choose to go or in guilt you stay.

Desert no one, no traitor to succeed, for God and Country this soul will bleed.

*Unofficial but by ~PFlack~

~Aeon Flax November 2012~

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