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Beastly Decimal

Sickly, Sweetly Dreaming

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Sickly, Sweetly Dreaming

On a cold and sleepless night

When my fond fantasies elude

Eyes burning, tossing, twitching

Yearning for what I cannot have

A pale moon sits and chuckles

Laughing at a monster's plight

Restlessly, I'm turning

The night is oh so cold

In my anguish I am standing

Pacing, shouting at the ceiling

Begging sympathy from He

Knowing he won't grant it to me

Cast alone, stranded

In the frightening waters of the waking

Cast alone and shackled

With no prospect of escaping

Restlessly, I'm walking

Footing dark and tired roads

Don't know where I'm going

One foot before the other

With orange eyes my stalker waits

With folded claws, he sits

With black fur and a mouth of knives

He watches me exist

Soon he finds me running

Tearing down the dusty streets

Don't know where I'm going

Wouldn't know if I got there

My eyes are getting heavy

I know this isn't fitting

Presently I'm standing

Then, quite suddenly, I'm sitting

I glance at the obstruction

Above me stands a man

No eyes, no ears, no nose, no hair

No skin, no feet, no hands

The monsters swarm, and now I know

I know that I am sleeping

On my cot, glued in spot

Sickly, Sweetly Dreaming.

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Tho dreaming you find the monsters a reflection of your self,

is it just a bad dream or should you question your mental health.

sympathy for your self should now be easier to give,

forgiveness of sin and in a brighter world you should now live.

you thought the monster weak and your virtue stronger,

but you cant hold out against tooth and claw for much longer.

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Well done to both of you :tu:

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