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Knight Of Shadows

The Book Of Life

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Chapter I : The World Beyond

there was a book of which it's cover was made of pure black

it's pages have took me away but they never brought me back

once inside there i was surrounded by those giant letters

watching in rage the previous page it burns and withers

in new pages to come i've never overstayed my welcome

for every page i made my home was torn from this tome

between the lines there was a slithering dark shadow

draining the life from these words and left them empty and hollow

i hid behind words out of reach of his lethal hold

desperately waiting the next page to unfold

Chapter II : A Burning Memory

i rushed forward with nothing but fear on my mind

chased by the dark shadow i could not look behind

running through the gleaming light my eyes open yet i was blind

only near the dying end i stopped to witness what i have missed

i stood near the edge as the burning flames stole this page

adorned with graceful charms it turned to ashes between my arms

it's sweet scent i could still smell there was more in it i could tell

i gathered it's remains but they washed off my hands by the rain

the rain turned to sand the mark of shame burns deep in my hand

tickling thoughts often have brought the memory i could have had

i stare ahead with burning passion of red with much words left unsaid

Chapter III : Dream Of Reality

at another entrance the words seem to fade into the distance

was it an epilogue or was it just another prelude

the music play and floating lanterns light my way

a path is revealed from the mist deep a sound of thousand flutes weep

the ancient halls stretch afar the music echo between these walls

the exit was in plain sight but another path was well hidden in the night

and it brought me back thousands and thousands pages behind

but longer fear dwells in my mind and nor was i blind

the the exit was sealed i was trapped in a dream

all the words were healed and the lost pages begin to gleam

and the book was cast down in the bottomless oceans to be drowned

to never be read again and bound to be never found

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loved it, was very deep

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loved it, was very deep

wow didn't expect anyone to really read it all .. i even thought the ending wasn't neccassry :D

thanks man

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Very good.

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