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Christians to blame

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Christianity is blamed for many things but when looking into the history of these events, there`s a lot of Christians in opposition to them.

The people who did not read the bible led these atrocities in there own name, if there are no miracle workers in the world we can assume god does not support them or god does not even exist.

so we are left with our closest source of Christianity which is the bible.

should we judge Christians by a mans actions? or shall we question whether a man is fit to lead Christianity?

Please state if you want to take part, which event and where in the bible Christianity might support the atrocity. please dont state crusades for example, for there were alot, but state the crusade and the man who led christianity.

the first crusade was started by Alexis komenos, when he lost the Byzantium empire by weakening the empire by first usurping the throne as a general turning on his own people and raiding churches to fund this process.

he kicked out the aristocracy futher weakening the empire and putting family members in power, so his stolen throne was secured by their loyalty. he was attacked on all sides by different groups of turks, serbs, normans. he made deals with turkish warlords and gave them land if they supported him.

turks fighting turks for the Byzantium empire, when these loyal turks died their sons didnt support alexsis and they started invading the empire taking strategic points to weaken it.

with the empire attacked on sides by turks let in by alexis own incompetency, the christians had heard of the horrors happening to the christians in the holylands. christians ways were barred fron eveneven entering the holy land.

In the theyre were two popes fighting for legitimacy and pope urban ii was desperate to gain support.

when alexios sent for aid to the west, urban jumped on the bandwagon to show that he was the leader of the church by uniting the west with the east.

the pope went up and down france asking for volunteers, promising forgiveness of sin through violence which the bible states contrary views. peaceful christians wernt even allowed to go to the holylands and preists told they would be a burden. instead criminals, warrior and princes were let loose as the biggest united european army of times before that would not be to be controlled.

many princes claimed they were leading the whole army and alexis was handed the unruley army by the pope. the army did not know what would happen when they reached holy lands but had all taken the vow enforced by the pope not to return but fight until successful. only 2 thirds of the army made it to the lands and it was used to secure alexis`s future and not the Christian church.

even though urban and alexis preached the babarity of the invading turks, the west had been hearing about the rape of children, preists and women and murder of christians for more than ten years.

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correct me where i made mistakes, im only 3 quaters through my crusade book :)

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