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The Vacation Trip

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It was last summer and we flew several thousand miles to see an area where neither my wife

or myself had ever seen. We got settled early in the trip at a lodge and restaurant which

was established and was unusual, and had really very fine food. We had reservations for 3 or 4 nights and the first night we ate at the wonderful restaurant and our waiter was the oldest one and one

that I seemed to personally like right away.Like we had met before, but we couldn't have.

That night I was tired and slept right away while my wife stayed up and read. During the night,

I had this dream about that lodge and the first owner,(Steve*) probably 30 or 40 years ago.

He had very little money, and he really had the feeling that he could turn the restaurant into

a very successful place. There was another man, not a close friend, who sometimes gave money away to those who really needed it, and he gave Steve just enough money to buy the business. Just like that. Afterwards he and his family made every sacrifice to improve it and add to it and in time

it was very successful and they still run it. In the morning, I told my wife about the strange dream and

she told me that she had read a small book in the room the night before about the history of

the lodge and it was something like I had said. The original owner had very little and they had to scrimp like crazy to make improvements. There was nothing about the gift to purchase it.

I wanted to contact the owner or manager about this dream, but I felt they would tell me I was crazy,

so I did not. Why did I have this dream?

I will say that I had a near death experience 11 years ago and I do have strange dreams and

feelings from time to time, that often seem to have a purpose behind them.

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