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Dream similar to inception I had with a twist

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Last night I had a very vivid and clear to remember dream.

The twist to it and the part I found interesting about is when I woke up at night and went back to sleep it resumed where I left off.

The dream involved me entering another parallel universe world etc called "The Fall" and people in the dream were saying it's another parallel universe and to get out of it one had to fall off some where or get shocked or do something that scares them big time.

In one of the dream scene, I was deep underground in the earth where there were people living there and even had a Wells Fargo branch and I asked is there even internet down in this big city deep underground and they said "yes we have internet" I found myself walking with these people inside the deep underground city.

The next scene, I was at a hospital and there was a doctor there and even one of my friends Kuliyeh, this dream is very interesting because I never had a dream where even my cousins were present but they were also there too and very lucid. I asked the doctor, why does he prefer to be in the "fall" and not the real world? and he said "it pays me more".

In yet another scene, there was a dude in a car and he was threatening to knock me out and I was like "you can't knock me out in the fall" you have to do something more traumatizing than that and another guy said "if he hits you hard enough, yes you can be knocked out of the fall".

Very interesting dream indeed and I don't know if it actually took place in a higher dimension or parallel universe but it's truly the strangest dream ever for me.

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