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The Most & Least Religious US States

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Mississippi holds onto its title as most religious U.S. state, with 58 percent of its residents saying they are very religious, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday (Feb. 13).

The least religious state? Vermont.

Top 10 most religious states

  • Mississippi: 58 percent are very religious
  • Utah: 56 percent
  • Alabama: 56 percent
  • Louisiana: 53 percent
  • Arkansas: 52 percent
  • South Carolina: 52 percent
  • Tennessee: 50 percent
  • North Carolina: 50 percent
  • Georgia: 48 percent
  • Oklahoma: 48 percent

Bottom 10 (least religious states)

  • Vermont: 19 percent are very religious
  • New Hampshire: 23 percent
  • Maine: 24 percent
  • Massachusetts: 27 percent
  • Oregon: 29 percent
  • Rhode Island: 29 percent
  • District of Columbia: 30 percent
  • Washington (tie): 31 percent
  • Connecticut (tie): 31 percent
  • Alaska (tie): 31 percent
  • Hawaii (tie): 31 percent
  • Nevada (tie): 31 percent

The differences in religiosity across the United States may not be the result of underlying demographics (race or ethnicity) or religious identities (Catholic or Protestant majorities, for instance), but rather part of a state-level cultural phenomenon.

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Interesting to me that those states that tend to be most religious also tend to be the most charitable. Reminds me of the old saying - when those who have will not give, those who don't have will find a way to....

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