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Creepy experiences that ran in my family.


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Hi, I'm here to share a couple of paranormal stuffs that's been going around in my family. First off, these stories are granted "True", and actually happened. But, it's your choice if you're going to be skeptic about it and not believe. Again, your choice. So anyway... The story begins.

The story of the "Aswang"

The "Aswang" (pronounced: as-wang or as-wuang) is a paranormal vampire-like creature that resides here in our country, the Philippines. Aswangs are feared in some parts of the country, mostly provinces because Aswangs don't usually go to cities because of the city lights. Some people don't believe in the existence of an Aswang. But i believe that they are real and came from demonic powers.

My parents decided to go to a province in the philippines called Palawan for a vacation. Palawan is a well-known place for creepy paranormal stuffs like "Aswang", "Tik-Tik", "Wak-Wak". But my parents, skeptical as they were, did not believe in those stories. My mother was pregnant with my eldest brother at that time. Upon arriving to Palawan, they decided to find a place to sleep. They came across this mini-village(I forgot the name) and asked for help. The people there were kind to help and got them a place to sleep. The place was old and it has no ceilings just a thin steel roof. But before the villagers left, they gave my parents an advice. They said, "If you leave, you must go back early and don't wander around the place at night time. For there are also no lights in this village. ". So generally, my parents did went outside and wander around. But they remembered what the villagers told them and went home early and slept. It was midnight and my mother was awoken by a strange and irritating sound that came from the roof. She described the sound as, "it's as if that someone with a wing and really sharp nails kept scratching the roof and wanted to come in. I can hear the wing flapping back and forth" My mother got scared and woke up my father. My father was not really a fan of noise and he doesn't believe in stuff like paranormal things. But still my father was alerted and looked for something to scare of that whatever creature that was on the roof. He found a piece of long bamboo stick and kept piercing the roof. He shouts, "Show yourself and leave! I'm not scared of you! Show yourself!" After a while the sound stopped and never came back again. They waited for the sun and left the village and went to a more crowded and civilized place in the area.

The story of "Tikbalang"

Apparently "Tikbalang" is a demonic creature in the Philippines that sometimes resembled a horse, or a horse with a man's body.

My Uncle worked in factory, he was the one who changes the oil in the machines that were used in operating the factory. He makes sure that the gears are properly lubricated and stuff. Anyway... He was instructed by his boss to work a little early, because the a huge batch of merchandise was about to come. So he went at 2:00 AM and did his job. He was finished after a few hours and he decided to take a nap by the tree up the hill, that's where he usually takes his nap because he said he likes the cold breeze. After a few minutes of lying down. He heard footsteps. Loud footsteps similar to a horse's footstep. He was almost at the top of the hill beside the road so he should see everything downhill. But given his current position, which was lying on the grass, there was a huge blindspot bellow. So he couldn't see what was coming. He waited and eventually a tall, thin, dark brown colored skin guy approached him slowly. My uncle said that the white of his eyes were really red. The guy was about to do something, but fortunately for my uncle the sun was coming up. The guy took a quick glance of the sun and told my uncle(in our native language): "Pasalamat ka dahil mag-uumaga na. Babalikan kita." Translated in English is: "You should be thankful because the sun is coming up. I'll be back for you."

A short story about my great grandmother.

What you don't know about my great grandmother is that in our family she was the one who was prone in ghosts haunting and paranormal activities. She was a very religious person. I didn't actually hear the rest of this story but, in our home in Cainta, Rizal my great grandma visited the family. I wasn't born yet at this time. The place where our house is standing was surrounded with tall grasses except for the entrance and a couple on the sides. They had set up a wall or barricade for keeping wildlife or stray animals outside our house. The story is that, my great grandmother woke up in the midnight to pee. But when she came back, she saw someone standing at the top of the wall or barricade, he was standing still and started walking back and forth along the wall, kept walking and kept walking. The guy was dressed in a formal way. He was wearing a black suit and a black hat and was also holding a briefcase. I never heard the continuation.

A story about the bus girl and the creepy old mansion that my father and his brother(my other uncle), sabotaged. LOL

My parents and some relatives went out and took a vacation. Well not really a vacation. They just visited my great grandfather who is friends with the caretaker of an old mansion in the country. This story is a little bit old so i'm shaky about the details, but from what i remembered, there was a house in front of the mansion across the street. That's where my family and great granddad lived for a while when they visited. They said that they when they were staying there, on the afternoon at 3 or 4 pm. They usually stay outside to chat and drink coffee. But what they realized is that at a specific time, there's a bus that stops in front of the mansion. The bus driver opens it's door and leaves after a few seconds. But the weird thing is that, they always see that no one comes out. They were curios. So they waited the next day when the bus arrived and stopped. They approached the bus drive and asked, "Why do you always stop here when no one comes out of the bus?" The bus driver replied, "What do you mean? Didn't you guys saw the girl that just went out?". They were shocked and talked it over with the caretaker when they got back. The caretaker said that the girl once lived in the mansion and he thinks that there is something very valuable inside the house that the girl wants to protect. But he also said that there is no item of value inside the house but a couple of old chairs and paintings so it must be underground. Below the basement. Here's the sabotaging part. lool All of them were scared of the house. But you know who wasn't? Yes, My father and my uncle. They decided to go inside and to look for the valuable thing that the girl protects. Hoping to sell it. Looool I always thought of my father as an awesome guy. They went inside the house and set up sleeping bag for them to sleep at night. And what happened is that they dug a big-ass hole in the basement. But unfortunately for them, they only saw a couple of vases, purses, paintings and old worn out dresses. So that's a wrap. Dunno what happened next.

Anyway... Thank you for reading my story, although alot of you probably didn't read it. Soooo.... Tell me what are your opinions.

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Cool stories.

My opinion, the Tikbalang tale and the one about your grandmother sound like sleep paralysis or waking dream episodes. The Aswang story could have been anything. Even a squirrel on a tin roof sounds like a monster. For the last one, sounds like your dad and uncle were being seriously messed with.

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Well ..first story could be anything, maybe a big bat, has same properties you mentioned... if they didnt see it, you cannot say demons were behind it..

Second story i dont see anything really weird "dark brown colored skin guy" since he was a guy doesnt mean he had horns and evil aura and torture tools..

I do have a small amount of belief in ghosts, but i dont buy everything very rare i find a story like that might be true... Since i dont know your Father or brother and i wasnt there, i do think it is possible that there was a ghost present.. But that is only a possiblity i am not saying it is what actually happened.

Blame the chupacabra for first and second story xD.... jk.. I dont buy in demonic creatures or demons or other evil manifestation...

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It took me 6 minutes to figure out how to reply. It turns out I wasn't logged in yet. wtf Haha

Anyway, thank you guys for your comments. I actually believe in ghosts and paranormal stuffs that happens here in the Philippines.

chupacabra. LOL :DD

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