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Raw material for art and sculpture

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Wasn't sure where to post this.

I just stopped the Asplundh guy moving through the neighborhood and hit him up. I am looking for a specific wood.

I am a woodcarver...I love it. I particularly love making useful things. I carve spoons and forks...bowls and tool handles...the bulk of what I do could fall into the title of 'treenware"...look it up.

I was wondering where some of you get you raw material. I have found the most unlikely sources are the best.

Last year, I hit up these young guys that were selling firewood. I told them what I was looking for and the very next week, they showed up on my driveway with an entire truckload of unsplit walnut in 3'-o cool is that? Cost me $75.00. I was stunned.

I hit the Aslpundh guys up for a really odd wood...catalpa. Some folks know it as coffee tree and other know it as cigar tree...either way, it is a pure pleasure to carve. It is a little rough, kinda grainy. is soft and easy to carve (it is classified as a hardwood but do not fear the wording)...hell, even basswood (limewood) is considered a hardwood....has nothing to do with the reality of working with them.

Almost all of my kitchen utensils are cherry, oak or catalpa....I love making useful things. I tend to give them away just because i like making them so much.

If you are interested in wood carving, give me a shout. I have been doing it for years and I love it.

Part of the learning is knowing what you want to carve and what wood is best for it....let me know...

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I'm not a woodcarver but I love wood. I used to work in a wood shop designing bird houses, feeders and small gazebos. We used ceder for everything. Wood is so beautiful in all its different kinds and grains. Happy to hear someone is carving wood! I wonder if you've ever made wood flutes? I think that would be interesting as you could play your handiwork and make music!

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