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Keel M.

Japanese inventions that just might be genius

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Keel M.
Sure, inventions like the light bulb and mobile phones have changed our lives for the better. But there are lesser-known inventions out there that might be just as revolutionary if we gave them half a chance. Over the last few decades, Japanese inventors have come up with some pretty outrageous ideas, including cat mops, the just-for-men baby nurser and butter sticks. They call these inventions "chindogu," which roughly translates to "unusual inventions." Unusual? Definitely. Unusable in any dignified society? Probably. Take a look at 19 inventions that might make your life easier — or harder, depending on how much you care what other people think.


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Simbi Laveau

We have those paper shredder scissors in the USA.

And they left off some of my favorite ones .

Backward soles. No photo ...they're awesome though .


Always wanted one of these .


Edited by Simbi Laveau

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