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Poem: Marionette

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here we go.. enjoy!

Fashioned from malice and crafted for purpose

The marionette is born from malevolent hands

Consuming hatred leaves its mark upon malleable flesh

Charring abhorrence into the grain and planting the seed of evil within

Wild eyes glean as manipulative wires bridge the gap

Forming an extension of thought and soul in a

Parasitic symbiosis of puppet and master

Through metallic sinew the sinister message travels to the frail pawn

Moving in tandem with the master’s bidding

The cover of night offers asylum,

Deciphered instructions kept hidden from the world

Come alive in a malicious choreographed dance for two

Under the guise of chance encounters, the premeditated stage is set,

Ready to lure in willing participants.

Mysterious eyes ensnare unsuspecting victims

Offering safety yet providing none

While the enigmatic smile hides the evil intent

An evil that lies behind the motions

An evil that lies behind glassed over eyes

Beware the grinning marionette

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Very good.

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Lovely and creepy; makes me think of the film, Asylum!

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