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The Colonel's Ghost?

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I am an American Civil War buff, and all my life I have accumulated tons of perhaps useless

knowledge on the subject.

There is one ghostly legend that you all might like to hear.

At the battle of Ball's Bluff in 1861, the Colonel who commanded the Union soldiers on the field was shot and

killed. His body was brought back into the Union lines, where it was laid in a local farm house awaiting

transfer for burial. The house still stands to this day. He was a friend of Abraham Lincoln and

he was later buried with honors.

There is a published tradition that the good colonel's "ghost" has been seen at that farmhouse from time

to time in the decades since the battle. One day, years ago, my wife and I met the lady who at that time

was the owner of that farm house and the surroundng property. We all talked a bit and then

we asked her if the traditons about the colonel's ghost were true. We didn't know her well, as I mentioned,

so I was not surprised that we didn't get a lengthy reply, but she did tell us that some very strange things

did occur at that house, from time to time. It just kind of wet out appetetites. One thing to keep in mind in talking

to people like that tour guides like to mention things like this because it is good for tourism, but otherwise

owners usually downplay it, because they don't want to have to someday sell a property that is said to be


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I did a self walking tour of the battle site a few years ago and the Park Ranger told us that the farm house was reported as haunted by Col Baker's ghost... Unfortunately we couldn't go into the farm house...

Col Baker's marker on the battle field...


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Yes, thank you for the post. I once lived in the area, and yes I have never seen the farm house open to the public, but it would be nice to see it!

The battle, Ball's Bluff, was quite a bloody affair and the Union troops were defeated and driven right up to the bluffs overlooking the Potomac River. Many hundreds of soldiers were captured there and some were driven into the river and drowned.

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Col Baker was also a seated US Senator at the time and is the only US Senator to be killed in battle...

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