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The Smoking Gun

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This happened about five years ago, and after my doctor had told my family that I would die or

be brain dead from my illness. When my healing came, I strongly attributed it to the Lord, and so faith was sky high,

and with faith came wonderful things.

This incident happened in the hot weather of August and started when my wife got a telephone call from

a friend. The call asked for prayer for Audrey*, who she was told was in the hospital greatly in need of

prayer for healing. When asked for the cause of the problem she would not tell, but asked for prayer for healing.

My wife told me what to pray for and I did, but was not optimistic about not knowing exactly what I was

praying for. Afterwards I went to bed and forgot all about it.

In the very middle of the night, I had to get up to let my two dogs outside. I was waiting for them to return and was

about half asleep when I started to recieve some thoughts. I was told that Audrey, the lady I prayed for, was in

the hospital because she had tried to kill herself. It was news to me. I was also told to get three people to pray

for Audrey's physical healing and also to pray that the enemy be cast out of her.

Next my dogs came back in and I went right back to bed and went to sleep still thinking about what I had been told.

Then I dreamed and there was this man sitting down and looking at me and he told me that this same Audrey had

tried for sure to kill herself, I was not to doubt.

When I woke up, I told my wife what I had sensed and what I had dreamed and asked her to call the lady back about Audrey

and confirm it if it was suicide. At first she told me that it did not sound like suicide, but then she said that it must be

something like that, and so she called. The lady confirmed it was a suicide attempt and told us the circumstances.

She had been rescued by a very unlikely source, before she passed away.

So, I asked three people to pray for Audrey's complete healing and for the enemy to be cast out of her. No problems

getting them to do so.

Audrey recovered physically soon after, and as I said this was about five years ago and we saw Audrey once since then and to this day she has not tried it again.

I say thanks to Jesus!

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Did Audrey receive any counseling while she was in hospital?

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Very interesting story. Best of luck to all involved. :yes:

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Did Audrey recieve any counseling while in hospital? Have no idea, but from what I

understand even with counseling these suicide cases almost always do try it again.

What a horror.

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