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Lost item with important things

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Hello my name is Kayleigh.

I recently lost a green wallet with a pink flower on it. It had about 10 to maybe 15 dollars in it, my mead public library card, my school i.d, my bestfriend bacon charm, and another pink little charm. There may be more things in it but i don't remember.

I would really love if someone could tell me where it is anything may help.

Yesterday, i had also had a few dollars in my jacket pocket and i placed it somewhere i do not recall either. I am not so much worried about that one, but if you know anything about that, anything will help me also.

I need to know where my wallet is asap, because i need that money for important things.

Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

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Do you have several tote bags? Possibly check a tote bag that has lots of papers in it? May have even been something you already checked but there is so much stuff inside might have gotten missed. That is the first thing that comes to me, but finding lost items is not my area of expertise.

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I require help locating a lost item as well. I moved to a new house about a year ago. That isn't helping matters any. The item I am looking for was given to me by a friend who passed away. It is extremely important to me. I MUST FIND IT.

I have seen it since unpacking. But now it is missing. I know it has to be tucked somewhere. I have checked packing boxes, shelves, cabinets. Someone please help me. I am desperate, it's keeping me up at night. It's the last connection I have to my best friend. It is beyond priceless. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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