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My weird road trip via time via The Faces!


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This true story was posted long ago under a Time Travel related topic at Unexplained Mysteries. I looked at my Content's six pages making sure tonight that it was not posted on it's own somewhere else and hidden in the "dark pages".

This quick trip has been been unexplainable to me for 38 years. Was it time travel? A gain in time? This wouldn't happen again to me in a million years! icon_wink.gif


In 1975 The Faces' "Stay With Me" iconic rock and roll song started as I entered Evansville, Indiana's US 41 stop light corridor. My truck's radio was tuned to WJPS 1330 AM "The River City Rocker" back then. There were twelve traffic lights in 7.1 miles. Each traffic light's "green light" for go went perfect icon_cool.gif with Rod Stewart's lyrics," Stay with me, stay with me, for tonight your gonna stay with me." I didn't speed with my tractor/trailer's full load of Kentucky hogs, and I made every light green in exactly four minutes and thirty five seconds.

Rod's song ended with the drum beat finish at light twelve. In the forty and forty-five mph speed zones I needed to be going way over 90 - 100 mph for this to happen!! I only went the speed limit as usual. After this happened my only thoughts were, "Now just how cool was that!"

This took years to set in about what may have happened. My wife and I started the song in the same spot eight years ago. It ended before we got half way through the city. With light traffic it took us nine minutes. I've never heard a longer version of "Stay With Me".

Neither had rock n roll mysteries author R. Gary Patterson on "Coast to Coast Live" radio as a guest of Ian Punnett 27/1/06. I have that call made from Paducah, Kentucky on tape. That was my very real and weird road trip on US Highway 41 highlighted everyday on Classic Rock radio stations by The Allman Brothers Band.


I hear this song a few times a week. So here is your chance to ride along with the music and my big possum belly trailer's load of Union County Kentucky farmer's (180) pigs way back in 1975! Pop in your CD or cassette tape of The Faces greatest hits and travel back in time going that same distance in that exact time! LOL = Lots of Luck! :tsu:

MK in Indiana


I mentioned this time slip in my other weird road trip heard below. Hosted by Stephen Wren, guest host Phil Roell, and guest author Annie Wilder on Nashville, Tennessee's Pop Odyssey Radio in December 2010. :tu:

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