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Beastly Decimal

Day in The Life

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This is a poem I've recently written, and I feel it requires a bit of a disclaimer. It comes off as very hopeless, which it in fact is; but it's not a nihilistic poem, per se. It's about the mind-numbing boredom of being an average Joe, and the subservience society expects of you. It's called Day In the Life, or alternately, Useless Day (preferred title).

Woken by the incessant roar

Of today’s undone chores

And tomorrows boring responsibilities

They come down

Weighing heavily on the unrealized me

My future bones cracking under the strain

Of unrealized aches and pains

I’m drained to the core

But still this useless day is born

With a sigh of resignation

I rise but I don’t shine

As time begins its tired, slow crawl

And tear ducts threaten to burst

Unrehearsed lines of angry verse

Beginning to swell inside my skull

With a fury that I cannot restrain

I slowly, surely die and when I wake

A puppet’s taken my place

He’s better than I

And so he stays

And I am left to wander

I walk

The unfamiliar paths

Unwelcoming to tired feet

Unfamiliar voices calling out to me

Their mocking tones ring of laughter

Shouting words that my

Confused and battered

Gray matter

Cannot muster the strength to dissect

But I assume that they are asking

For my soul

Neatly gift wrapped and labeled

So as to enable easy usage

For the master puppeteer

“Come here, child, come here

Do the things that I require

Be a puppet, be a liar

Be my nice and friendly pet”

“Do the things that I require

Sit and speak the words I’ve taught you

When I tell you

To the rhythm of these most sacred strings”

“Be a good boy, sit and stay

Inside the box, locked away

Until there is a task for which

A puppet is required”

And so I sit, never called upon to speak

My voice weak and all but lost

My hope a long forgotten lowered flag

Uselessly, I stumble in the twilight

Fumbling uselessly for keys

I use the keys to unlock my private quarters

Once inside, I stumble for the bedroom

Crawling when my legs begin to fail

Like a drunken child, I crawl into the bed

Savoring every second of the night

As I wait until the light signals

That another useless day has started.

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I really like this one.

Well done BD. :tu:

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It's a great piece of writing. Very good :tu:

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A very enjoyable poem indeed, i really like the style and feel of the poem. Great job!

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Thanks everyone. I hope it wasn't too depressing for you all. :innocent:

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