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Uncle Sam

State Trivia

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Oklahoma Trivia

If you love the summer there is:

Poolville, Oklahoma

Sunray, Oklahoma

Want Something To Eat?

Corn, Oklahoma

Grainola, Oklahoma

Hominy, Oklahoma

Olive, Oklahoma

South Coffeeville, Oklahoma

Sweetwater, Oklahoma

Cookietown, Oklahoma

Why Travel To Other Cities?

Cleveland, Oklahoma

Orlando, Oklahoma

Miami, Oklahoma

Pittsburgh, Oklahoma

Santa Fe, Oklahoma

St. Louis, Oklahoma

Chattanooga, Oklahoma

Peoria, Oklahoma

Burbank, Oklahoma

Fargo, Oklahoma

Don't Forget The Wildlife!

Wolfe, Oklahoma

Lone Wolf, Oklahoma

Eagle, Oklahoma

Buffalo, Oklahoma

Fox, Oklahoma

Bison, Oklahoma

Deer Creek, Oklahoma

Elk City, Oklahoma

Beaver, Oklahoma

We Have A Town Named After A Number...

Forty-One, Oklahoma

And A Town Who's Letter's Don't Spell Anything...

IXL, Oklahoma

And For The Sportsman Who Wants To Get Away From It All...

Fisherman's Paradise, Oklahoma

We Even Have A City Named After Earth's Only Satellite!

Moon, Oklahoma

And A City Named After Our State!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

And A City Named After Another State!

Kansas, Oklahoma

Feeling A Bit Chilly?

Snow, Oklahoma

Slick, Oklahoma

Cold Springs, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Is Full Of Love!

Lovedale, Oklahoma

Loveland, Oklahoma

Lovell, Oklahoma

Bigheart, Oklahoma

Loyal, Oklahoma

And Women To Love!

Sharon, Oklahoma

Ada, Oklahoma

Martha, Oklahoma

Carmen, Oklahoma

Wynona, Oklahoma

Blanch, Oklahoma

Hanna, Oklahoma

Maud, Oklahoma

One Town is Named After a Movie Star!

Gene Autry

Like To Read About The Presidents?

Adams, Oklahoma

Taylor, Oklahoma

Fillmore, Oklahoma

Grant, Oklahoma

Taft, Oklahoma

Johnson, Oklahoma

Lincoln, Oklahoma

Jefferson, Oklahoma

Reagan, Oklahoma

Wilson, Oklahoma

Roosevelt, Oklahoma

Carter, Oklahoma

Clinton, Oklahoma

Washington, Oklahoma

Other City Names In Oklahoma Just To Make You Smile.....

Frogville, Oklahoma

Loco, Oklahoma

Bushyhead, Oklahoma

Bugtussle, Oklahoma

Hooker, Oklahoma

Slaughterville, Oklahoma

Bowlegs, Oklahoma

Slapout, Oklahoma

Oolagah, Oklahoma

And Regardless What Side Of The Fence You're On...

Gay, Oklahoma

Straight, Oklahoma

Here Are Some Little Known But Very Interesting Facts About Oklahoma.

1. The bread twist tie was invented in Maysville.

2. The shopping cart was invented in Ardmore in 1936.

3. The nation's first parking meter was intalled in Oklahoma City in 1935.

4. The first Girl Scout Cookie was sold in Muskogee in 1917.

5. Cimarron County, located in the Oklahoma Panhandle, is the only county in the U.S. bordered by 4 separate states...Texas, New Mexico, Colorado & Kansas.

6. The Oklahoma State Capital is the only capital in the U.S. with working oil wells on its grounds.

7. Boise City, Oklahoma was the only city in the United States to be bombed during World War II. On Monday night, July 5, 1943, at 12:30 a.m., a B-17 Bomber based at Dalhart Army Air Base, Texas, dropped six practice bombs on the sleeping town, mistaking the city lights as target lights.

8. WKY Radio in Oklahoma City was the first radio station transmitting west of the Mississippi River.

9. The nation's first 'Tornado Warning' was issued on March 25, 1948 in Oklahoma City minutes before a devastating tornado. Because of the warning, no lives were lost.

10. Oklahoma has the largest Native American population of any state in the U.S.

11. The name 'Oklahoma' comes from two Choctaw words, okla meaning 'people' and humma meaning 'red'. So the name means, 'Red People.'

12. Oklahoma produced more astronauts than any other state.

13. Oklahoma has more man made lakes than any other state.

14. During the 'Land Rush', Oklahoma City went from a vast, open prairie to a city of over 10,000 in a single day.

15. The nation's first traffic 'Yield' sign was erected in Tulsa on a trial basis.

16. Pensacola Dam is the longest multi-arched dam in the world at 6,565 feet.

17. The 'Port of Catoosa' (just north of Tulsa) is the largest inland port in America.

18. The aerosol can was invented in Bartlesville.

19. Per square mile, Oklahoma has more tornadoes than any other place in the world.

20. The highest wind speed ever recorded on earth was in Moore, Oklahoma on May 3rd. 1999 during the Oklahoma City F-5 tornado. Wind speed was clocked at 318 mph.

21. The 'Will Rogers World Airport' and the 'Wiley Post Airport' are both named after two famous Okies....both killed in an airplane crash!!!

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Some more "Okie" facts...

Electric Guitar: Beggs, Oklahoma

Bob Dunn, a musician from Beggs, Oklahoma, is the first musician to record an electrically amplified instrument.

Dunn was primarily a jazz trombonist, but soon became a pioneer Western Swing steel guitarist. It is certain that

he wasn't the first to try merging electricity with guitars, but he is often credited as the first to successfully electrify his guitar.

There is an old story that relates that Dunn hooked his guitar up to a car battery during an outdoor dance in order to be heard.

Historian Kevin Reed Coffey indicates that Dunn wanted to accomplish more than volume with electrification. He writes, “Not

content with just being louder, Dunn experimented with ways to capture the brassy resonance of jazz horns. According to

surviving contemporaries, he emulated musicians such as Texas trombonist Jack Teagarden and the great trumpeter

Louis Armstrong, and his approach to the steel was based on their styles, their tone, their phrasing and attack.”

Bill C. Malone states that “Dunn converted a standard round-hole Martin guitar into an electric instrument by magnetizing the

strings and raising them high off the box. He then attached an electric pickup to the guitar, which in turn was connected to a Vol-U-Tone amplifier.”

Dunn’s first use of electric guitar on a recording was in January, 1935, with Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies. Dunn was

elected to the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 1992.

The "Ditch Witch" compact ditch digging tractor, was invented in Perry, Oklahoma - and has it's world HQs there still.

The Pressurized Flight suit was invented (by Wiley Post) in 1934 in the town of Mayesville...

NEXRAD weather radar was invented by two professors at the University of Oklahoma...

and... Chuck Norris was born here...

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If we could saw off Cleveland and its' surrounding counties, and let them sink into Lake Erie, my state would be much much better.

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Nice! An interesting and entertaing list. :yes:

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I've been to the Gaylordsville, Connecticut fire department before.

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