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The Sign

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It was many years ago, and I was drving relatives to the home of my newly deceased cousin.

She was older than me, but too young to die. We all were sorry for her.

I was driving on a super highway and the lights kept us from seeing any stars, only the moon or

perhaps brightly lit aircraft. All of a sudden...a light flashes across the sky from left to right above

and in front of us. We couldn't help but see it. I was a college student and I knew what it had to be,

a meteor, although I had never seen one so bright. It was fiery and looked maybe brighter than a

bright aircraft. As it flew, it burst into three pieces that we could still see.

Look what a super meteor, I said, and one lady relative told me not to talk about it because it was

a sign of the dead. I had never heard such a thing, but we did not mention it again, and I

have since heard that a meteor can be a sign of a death or a big event.

Have any seen such a thing as a p[ossible sign?

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