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Beastly Decimal

The Story

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The Story

There’s a story

Ever changing, everlasting

Always updating, recasting

Younger roles

With tighter abs

To take the stage

There’s a villain

Hidden in the teeming masses

Masked and robed

Dressed like a symbol of hope

Reveling in his deception

There’s a hero

Fear has him by the soul

And he is dreading

His new role

Knowing in this play

The hero always dies

There’s a plot

Saturated with deceit

The Author laughing

Like a sick, sadistic thief

As he escapes into the night

(There’s a story)

There’s a game

And we are playing

Casting die and choosing sides

Sifting through the wrong and right

Though they don’t factor

Immensely complex

And infested with tricks

We’re dancing on strings

Too thin to exist

The Piper is playing

We’re deeply entrenched

In this never-ending Story

So laugh if you must

Applaud if you please

Today you can choose

Just what to believe

But know that you

Can never leave

This awfully tragic Story.

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Beautifully written.

I still believe in hope.

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