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The Auto Accident

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This is the strangest thing that ever happened to me out on the road.

I was driving my van to an Antiques sale just before dawn one morning, several years ago, and there was very little traffic.

I was sorry for something that I had not done, and as I came up to a traffic prayer I asked if

there was a way that I could be of service to the Lord that day. I didn't really expect any response, but

maybe I got one.

After I finished there were these thoughts speaking to me in my head. They said something like...

There is something you can do actually right now. (There was a car going my direction in front of me

and one stopped coming towards me) Pray for the occupants of those two cars there waiting with

you at the traffic light. Ask for their personal safety and also ask for their salvation in the Lord.

That was it. Did I imagine that? Why? Just in case it was from the Lord I did exactly as I was told and then

the light turned green and off we all went.

I was still thinking of what had just happened about half a mile down the road when I heard something and

saw a cloud of dust go off to the left. As I slowed down I saw that one of the cars that I had just prayed for had run off the road.

I could not believe it, but I got out and the driver came jogging over to me from his car which had run into the

bush about 20 feet. I asked if he was OK, and he told me that he was fine, but his car probably had a broken

axle and he didn't know what to do. We looked at the accident scene and I saw from the route of his car that he had

missed a fairly large tree by maybe a foot or two, or less.

There were cell phones in those days, but they were larger and more expensive

than the ones of today and neither of us had one. I drove him to a service station to use the phone.

On the way I told him that the Lord had sure looked out for him that day, because he must have seen how

close he had come to that tree. He looked at me with a strange expression when I said that, but he agreed with me.

Then he made the call and I brought him back to the accident.

I have had alot of time to think about all that happened here. My thought is that he was a person being chased by God, he was a person

wanted for salvation. I had played a very minor part in it all, and the next time I was to be the one who was to be helped.

That at least is how it all seems to me.

Strange for sure.

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I don't know if a higher power was intervening but one time I had a premonition that saved my life. I was driving across a valley when I started thinking if I don't stop I will die. I finally stopped right before I got to this steep hill. I sat there for only a few seconds when this 18 wheeler came around the curve at the top going way to fast completely on my side of the road. If I hadn't listened to my premonition I would of been killed.

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