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The nightmare

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That was the first thing the boy was aware of, in a deep cloud of discomfort and confusion. The world seemed so far away, as if it were blocked out by an invisible wall. But the dripping, it was all to clear. Every single drop resonated through him with astounding clarity, tormenting him. Causing him to subconsciously flinch in return. He just wanted it to stop, the world seemed so bright, so vivid and painful. What little light there was burnt his eyes when he risked trying to open them. The air burnt his lungs and made his head pound as if something were trying to beat it's way out.

Delirium had full control, it welcomed him with open arms. Cradling his conciousness with a gentle caress, making him feel welcome and safe. He forgot about life, forgot about himself, the one's he loved. He let himself disappear into the dark abyss, letting his sanity wander aimlessly through imagined dimensions filled horror, joy and lust. He was content, somehow knowing that a thousand lifetimes here would be better than a single living lifetime in the waking world. Though he couldn't find the reason, what made him feel as if this nympholepsy of fabricated realities would be a place of release. Only that it offered protection, a shield against whatever brought about his feverish state of semi conciousness.

But it could not last, the elation of his sometimes blissful, other times terrifying illusions soon began to slip from his grasp He could feel the safety they brought being drained from him, as he became disillusioned with the factitious realities that filled his mind. The fog began to clear and the invisible wall that blocked reality came crashing down as he awoke from his nightmare filled dream state.

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