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Why not? A Story and a Picture :3

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Elena screamed, taking out a match, lighting it, and setting the squidy that was on her head on fire. Man, she hated not being able to conjure fire herself.

Danny laughed at Elena. "Hey, I know a way you can be able to conjure fire yourself," he said.

"Wait, what?" Elena snapped out of her haze.

"Well, since you're already a fire elemental, we can do what's called an energy connection, where I transfer the ability to conjure fire yourself to you," Danny explained, as he poked her. "So yeah."

"Energy connection?" She got up, a large smile spreading across her face. "Energy connection... that sounds awesome~!"

"Yeah, I guess so," Danny replied.

"So, how does this energy connection thing work?"

"Eh..." Danny stood up and sighed. He grabbed Elena's hands, causing her to blush slightly. "We have to have both our hands holding each other. Now, I have to channel my energy into you without starting a fire. You have to stay relaxed the whole time, even though it may hurt a little, okay?"

Elena was slightly confused due to his grammatical fumbles, but she assumed that English wasn't his first language. She nodded at Danny.

Danny nodded as well and closed his eyes, pushing his energy out into Elena. He could feel some of his body heat being lost, and he was feeling a little weak, but he continued. Finally, he let go, and struggled to stay standing as he looked at Elena.

Elena took a deep breath and exhaled, biting her lip as Danny's energy finished transferring into her. He was right, it hurt. It hurt a lot, namely her back, which felt like someone actually set it on fire.

She put a hand on her back, her fingers tracing semi-circles in the middle. Funny, she never felt any pain in her back since-

Danny stumbled forward, faceplanting at Elena's feet. "Test it out," he said to Elena, though it was slightly muffled.

Elena looked at her hands, which looked the same as they did before. She looked down at Danny, uncertain if she should try it out.

She hesitantly whispered something under her breath and moved her fingers. However, nothing happened.

She looked down at Danny again, disappointed that it didn't work.

Suddenly, her hands sparked. She looked at her hands, which had sparked again. And again and again until two large flames were formed in her palms.

Danny forced himself to sit up at least, to see Elena smiling as she looked at the flames. He smiled slightly as well. Elena mumbled something and the flames slowly got smaller until they disappeared. She fell to her knees and pulled Danny into a tight embrace, feeling joy pulse through her. "Thank you."

Danny was slightly surprised at this, not being used to close physical contact, but always longing for it. He put his arms around her as well, hoping her wasn't doing anything wrong. "You're welcome," he responded.

Elena let go of Danny and looked into his dark brown eyes, seeing a mysterious flare behind them. And she wondered, why he had even offered the suggestion of an energy connection in the first place? They had only known each other... what? A day at the most?

She thought about asking him, but dismissed the idea as quickly as it came.

"What? Random acts of kindness are abnormal on Earth?" Danny asked.

Elena shook her head. "No, it's just... I mean... Not really what I'm used to."

Danny smiled. "It's always good for things to happen that you're not used to. It gives you some kind of variety."

Elena didn't say anything response, just sat in silence.

"You okay?" Danny asked.

Elena nodded. "Yeah, just... thinking, I guess."

"Thinking about what?"

"Stuff," Elena replied.

"What kind of stuff?"

"Stuff," Elena repeated.

Danny shook his head. "If you say so.

"Hey, I wanna know a little more about you," Elena said suddenly.

Danny looked at her funny. "Why...?"

Elena giggled. "Just because."

"Well, my favorite color is bl-"

"Black," Elena finished for him, then looked at him weird. "Wait, how did I know that?"

"Uh... This may just be me being crazy, but I'm guessing it's from the energy connection," Danny replied. "You probably know a lot of things about me now."

Elena stared at him. “Yeah, I can tell a lot of things about you. Like how you hate high-pitched noises because they give you cold chills, and you hate your dad, and you sleep i-”

“Okay, that's enough!” Danny growled, feeling a bit flustered.

Elena giggled. “Sorry.”

Danny shrugged. “I wonder why I don't know anything about you...”

“Um...” Elena shook her head. “I dunno. That's kinda weird.”

“Wait... did you hear that?” Danny asked suddenly.

“Hear what?” Elena glanced around just as a low, growl sound was emitted from something in the woods. Elena looked back at Danny. “Now I have. What is it?”

“Not sure,” Danny replied, trying to identify it. “It doesn't really sound warm and inviting, so why don't we just... go somewhere away from it?”

“Good idea,” Elena agreed. They both stood up, Danny paused to brush some of the dirt off for a moment. They then started walking away from the woods, only to find that the further they went, the darker it got. It was like they were walking away from the only section that had light cast upon it. And for the first time since they arrived at the planet, Danny realized that there was no sun, nor a moon.

So how was their light in the first place?

Danny growled slightly, looking around. Where were they?

Elena shook her head and sighed, putting her hand in Danny’s. Danny blushed slightly, but acted as if it was nothing. Truth was, he did like Elena.

While they were walking, Elena used her free hand to play with her knew pyrokinesis abilities. She enjoyed her knew power to conjure fire from nothing. But now they needed to find out how to get off this strange planet...


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quite a talent you've got there

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