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Poltergist in the Family

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When I was very young, long ago, I had some minor paranormal experiences and so while in college

I studied the different types of more often encountered experiences and learned much more than

most people would care to know. Terms have changed, in some case, over the years, and for instance

phyco-kinesis was the term used then for mind moving matter by itself. I do not know if this term is still used,

but I know some other terms are now used as well.

A poltergist, despite the movie by that name, was the paranormal activity that centered around certain very young people.

Typical was for books to fly off the shelves near the certain person, although he/she had not touched the books in any way, at the time of the


When I became older I was surprised to find that I had a young relative who was what I would call a typical poltergist.

Items would fly off the shelves and threatening things would happen to the person in question, or more often to

their very close relatives in the family home. These things went on for some time and some people in the family

attributed the activity to a ghost. This is all typical for some types of people, I am sure. As the person of interest

became older, they quit being a poltergist, but some paranormal activity remained.

I am sure that poltergist activity has been covered at this site in the past, but I wanted to mention this here, as

this case had happened in my own family. Also I may not remember all the paranormal terms correctly because it

has been a very long time since I read up on these terms, and as they say alot of water has gone under the bridge!

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Perhaps this will be helpful. It is what I was taught.

A poltergist is not a ghost or a demon, it is caused by the inner being of a certain young person, usually

about 11 years old. A person with little or no emotional outlet. Something has to give and so things happen,

things fly off the shelves, things fall down and people are slapped out of the blue. It can last a couple of years and

then usually ceases. The person owning the poltergist has no idea on earth that he/she is causing the emotional explosions.

How are such things possible? There is no known explanation just as there is none for the other

possible theories for these occurrences.

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