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NATO, please intervene (poem)


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It's a big machine

this one we're caught into

all clouds have seen

before they dissipate too

when the only witnesses

to the massacre

are the massacred

and massacrers

social media can show you

but won't be devoted

just like your father

really had to go kid

into mind, into paper

with fingers across the city

some are only dying to get out

go somewhere West

but we are already in the west...

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I understand the art is mostly not about facts, but feelings.

Still, in case you ever become interested in facts, NATO intervention stopped the aggression on my country and I’m very grateful for it.

‘scuse me for ruining the simple black/white picture with my reckless comment. It was the sarcastic title that ticked me off, because I will never forget how we hoped for intervention, expecting to be blown into pieces in the meantime. Something you will, hopefully, never be able to understand, because such experiences can't be imagined, they have to be lived through.

One more time, I apologize for dragging facts into art. Will leave Britney alone now :D

Edited by Helen of Annoy
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Today is also the second anniversary of the NATO intervention in Libya.

France fired the first shot.


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