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lookin for a mentor

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Hi, My name is Ivolus, I am 24 yrs old

For sometime I have been interested

in the thought of using all types of kenisis.

but it is really hard to separate true kenisis

from false ones. Now I know there are things that are out

in the world and in the universe that can never be explained.

I know kenisis is real to an extent, and i would like to know

what that extent is. So I come to this forum to find someone who

can help this ignorant mind grow. If anyone reads this thread

and would like to help me, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

for reading :yes:

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if you have any questions i have limited experience with kineses. just email me.

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Believe me when i say don't waste your time with Kinesis type Training. If your looking for something where you can get results try Astral Projection. We do it every night even if we don't remember it. Astral Projection is much easier than Kinesis.

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Ya astral projection while sleeping...aka "dreaming" zomg. As far as kinesis training, since there are zero verified telekentics in the world, tracking down an instructor might be a wee bit tough.

If you do find one post back so others interested in learning these magic powers can contact them and ask about rates etc, I REALLY want to be able to knock my cat off the kitchen table from range without hurling my shoes.

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