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I am broken, a debt of the innocents,

so great I could not comprehend the weight,

immobile, a transient,

carry only your thoughts with you,

a smile undeniably yours only,

a truthful sincere,

honest smile,

shared to no one else.

the moment of recognition,

a chrysalis of clarity,

fixed in place for death to claim;

secrets buried with you,death makes me wait,

the desperate longing that engulfs reality.

a burial ground of lies,

scorched by the calm lightness of truth,

decimating firmly disguises,

shattering falseness to dry dust ...

spewing sweat from every pore.

capture a stare in my eyes,

a gaze lapsed that momentary eternity,

when eyes first meet,

every shade of your resemblance,

paints a brittle apparition of you.

she agape to receive,

a tongue frozen of icy lies,

her stare brought no warmth;

her kisses blew at dying butterflies,

fluttering in the winds,

an illusion of weird colorful leaves...

~third_eye @SHaYAP©2013

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Very good........ :tu:

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