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Is this some form of mind control?

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Hello there! I'm new here and just have a question about something. I'm still trying to figure out if this is something i can do, or i'm just imagining things.

Maybe it is nothing, but I have the feeling that i can get into peoples minds. I can't read them, but i can make them think and do stuff. No big stuff, but i think i can make them think of things regarding me. For instance if i really want a guy to call me for a date , i'll think about that guy really hard, and think that he should call me. Within minutes the phone will ring. This has happend several times. (this is someone i allready have been dating, so it is not entirely out of the blue, but still)

There are also more examples of me thinking that, in a group of friends, a curtain person should say something to someone. and a little while later he did. word for word.

Can this be something, or is it a coincidence?

i would really like to know more about it.


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Sometimes I pick up on what people are thinking but it doesn't seem to be something that I can control.

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It's a common phenomena actually, a sort of telepathy, I've experienced it too and I dont consider myself having any psychic abilities really. Like a hunch. The thing with thinking the date and calling...

But when you predict someone's words in a group of friends, that I think is more a social than a connecting phenomena in a way. I think it differs from the other case in that in the group of friends case you dont have to have so deep or strong or such level of connection to do it. Transits in astrology often have a part in the deeper-connection telepathy phenomena because people who hit together well have fitting, similiar things in their birthcharts and those things are activated at the same time so there.. especially with people of same age or born around the same ascendant (rising degree). So it's not just a coincidence if you ask me and any astrologer, in many cases.

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